Computed Tomography

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Lung volumes, Effective dose, Densitometer, Syringe driver, Dosimetry, Supine position, Projection-slice theorem, Radiation therapy, Trichrome stain, Injury Severity Score, Swallowing, Cylindrical lens, Hodoscope, Isocenter, Radioactive contamination, Enostosis, Dorsal aorta, Background radiation, Medical history, Teleradiology, Brain positron emission tomography, Pulmonary wedge pressure, Patient registration, Maximum intensity projection, Electromagnetic testing, Subcostal plane, Ultrasound, Xeroradiography, Schiller's test, Roentgen equivalent man, Bracketing, Muscles of respiration, Moist desquamation, X-ray detector, Folliculin, Real-time MRI, Crop factor, Collective dose, Prone position, Hounsfield scale, Radiogenomics, Therac-25, Pack-year, APS-C, CA19-9, Gallium 67 scan, Roentgen, Airport security, Industrial radiography, Dosimeter, Respiratory rate, Radiographic equipment, PDGFRB, Digital image correlation, Cobalt therapy, Radiation hormesis, Sievert, Transverse plane, Factor XI, Remote field testing, X-ray image intensifier, Panoramic radiograph, Cargo scanning, Tourniquet test, Myeloma protein, Isotopes of gallium, Volume rendering, Photostimulated luminescence, Computed radiography, Iterative reconstruction, Automatic exposure control, Radiography, Silicon photomultiplier, Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, Counts per minute, Backscatter X-ray, Sagittal plane, Cyclin D1, Tracer-gas leak testing method, Multileaf collimator, Ischemia, Pulmonary function testing, Ventilation/perfusion ratio, Trifocal tensor, Fetal position, Flat panel detector, Alternating current field measurement, Psammoma body, Glucose syrup, Linear no-threshold model, Lymphokine-activated killer cell, Bence Jones protein, Full-frame digital SLR, PET-CT, Tissue factor, Everhart-Thornley detector, Colorectal cancer, Pharyngeal reflex, Bolus, Autoinoculation, Image registration, X-ray filter, Purine analogue, Skeletal survey, Alkaline phosphatase, Oxygen enhancement ratio, VEGF receptors, Equivalent dose, Alpha-amylase, Inverse scattering problem, Nuvistor, Pulmonary compliance, Fluorine absorption dating, Temporal fossa, Image fusion, Ordered subset expectation maximization, Rotational angiography, Lumen, Millimeter of mercury, Lumen, Renal blood flow, Lying, Committed dose, Physical examination, Coronal plane, Autoregulation, Asymptotic decider, Focus film distance, Cumulative dose, Image-guided radiation therapy, Liquidator, Gray, Focused assessment with sonography for trauma, Radiation treatment planning, Picture archiving and communication system, Neutron imaging, Thermographic inspection, Amylase, ALARP, Vitelline veins, Referred pain, FEV1/FVC ratio, Vital capacity, Tomographic reconstruction, Low residue diet, Absorbed dose, Gastrointestinal cancer, Nondestructive testing, Mitotic index, Rhabdomyoblast, Imaging phantom, Unsharpness, Blood volume, Kaczmarz method, Fiducial marker, Haller index, Background radiation equivalent time, Bipolar spectrum diagnostic scale

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