Game Theory

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Economics, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomics

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Chess theory, Horizon effect, Vickrey auction, Satisficing, Cognitive Hierarchy Theory, Kakutani fixed-point theorem, Proper equilibrium, Subgame perfect equilibrium, Egonomics, Cournot competition, Cheap talk, Sequential equilibrium, Dollar auction, Evolutionary game theory, No-win situation, Ultimatum game, Arrow's impossibility theorem, Cognitive radio, Spoilt vote, Comedy of the commons, Win-win game, Game semantics, Nim, Nimber, AN/URC-117 Ground Wave Emergency Network, Normal-form game, Matching pennies, Yao's principle, Conjectural variation, Winner's curse, Incrementalism, Counterforce, Superadditivity, Best response, Traveler's dilemma, Sequential game, Price of anarchy, Rationalizability, Epistemic modal logic, Ranked voting system, Brinkmanship, English auction, Competitive altruism, Trigger strategy, Monte Carlo tree search, Contingent vote, Nuclear triad, Duverger's law, Solution concept, Stable roommates problem, Regret, Public goods game, Quiescence search, Zero-sum game, Correlated equilibrium, Centipede game, May's theorem, Deterrence theory, Legendre pseudospectral method, Stable marriage problem, Fair division, Non-credible threat, Expected value of perfect information, Strategyproof, Nudge theory, Common knowledge, Stotting, Markov perfect equilibrium, Complete information, Expectiminimax tree, Intransitivity, Simultaneous game, Napoleon complex, Recognition heuristic, Secretary problem, Bounded rationality, Incentive compatibility, Combinatorial game theory, Optimal decision, Equilibrium selection, Divide and choose, Schulze method, Strong reciprocity, Stimulus–response model, Decision rule, Mertens-stable equilibrium, Computational trust, DySPAN, Adjusted winner procedure, Transferable utility, Banzhaf power index, Simulation modeling, Revenue equivalence, Modal μ-calculus, Revelation principle, Tragedy of the commons, Justice, Dutch auction, Myerson–Satterthwaite theorem, Envy-free, Calcutta auction, War of attrition, Game of chance, Impunity game, Computer chess, Rational ignorance, Exact division, OODA loop, Rent-seeking, PPAD, Epsilon-equilibrium, Vickrey–Clarke–Groves auction, Proportional division, VIKOR method, Bargaining problem, Shapley value, Evolutionarily stable strategy, Calculus of voting, Grim trigger, Spectrum auction, Outcome, Proxy bid, Transposition table, Generalized second-price auction, Sleeping Beauty problem, Strategic dominance, Critical mass, Bertrand competition, Decision theory, Bertrand paradox, Negotiation theory, Common value auction, Checkmate, Information set, Dice, Utilization, Handicap principle, Extensive-form game, Bucklin voting, Fortress, Majority judgment, Ecological rationality, Evidential decision theory, Agonistic behaviour, Airport problem, Games, Second strike, Voting paradox, Coordination game, Strategic complements, Brouwer fixed-point theorem, Hasty generalization, Stackelberg competition, Implementation theory, Signalling theory, Single non-transferable vote, Algorithm design, Volunteer's dilemma, Causal decision theory, Prisoner's dilemma, Single Integrated Operational Plan, Evolutionarily stable state, Viscosity solution, Game tree, Ternary plot, Fictitious play, Repeated game, Stag hunt, Chicken, Shapley–Shubik power index, Exact test, Utility, Auction theory, Signaling game, Tactical nuclear weapon, Law of averages, Bid shading, Zobrist hashing, Bayesian game, Expected utility hypothesis, Sure-thing principle, Nash equilibrium, Bayesian probability, Hamiltonian, Trembling hand perfect equilibrium, Algorithmic mechanism design, Positive political theory, Backward induction, Alpha–beta pruning, El Farol Bar problem, Dictator game, Shuffling, Indifference curve, Social choice theory, Edgeworth paradox, Linear search problem, Unrestricted domain, Strategy, Symmetric equilibrium, Disapproval voting, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Folk theorem, Battle of the sexes, Ranked pairs, Flammability diagram, Mathematical game, Game complexity, Two Generals' Problem, Minimax, Stochastic game, Cooperative diversity, Subgame, Combinatorial auction, Auction sniping, Economic model, Condorcet method, Metagame analysis, Job scheduling game, Algorithmic game theory, Excludability, Cox's theorem, Global game, DIDO, Social trap, Stalemate, Subjective expected utility, Free rider problem, Subadditivity, Public choice, Perfect information, Game mechanics, Metrical task system, Double auction, Metagaming, MTD-f, Replicator equation, Determinacy, Coin flipping, Auto auction, Chinese auction, Sicherman dice, Participation constraint, Non-cooperative game, Ladder tournament, Global commons, Symmetric game, Approval voting, Dynamic inconsistency, Uncorrelated asymmetry, Resource holding potential, Infinity Laplacian, Social dilemma, Wadge hierarchy, Social value orientations, Operating room management, Chess endgame, Complex contagion, Mechanism design, DNSS point, Value of information, Price of stability, Negamax, Video game design, Evaluation function, Bayesian efficiency, Tit for tat, Risk dominance, Microbial cooperation, Free migration

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