Convex Optimization

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Mathematics, Mathematical optimization

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Support function, Subderivative, Convex function, Closed convex function, Duality gap, Convex conjugate, Schauder estimates, Geometric median, Grade of service, Perturbation function, Gradient descent, Convex analysis, Logarithmically concave function, Pseudoconvex function, Low-rank approximation, Lyapunov optimization, Duality, Epigraph, Level set, Slater's condition, Total variation denoising, Step detection, Variational analysis, Erlang, Drift plus penalty, Change detection, Teletraffic engineering, Maximum principle, Hopf lemma, Logarithmically convex function, Unimodality, Strong duality, Fenchel's duality theorem, Quasiconvex function, Dirichlet's energy, Infinity Laplacian, Concave function, Weak duality, Backpressure routing

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