Approximation Algorithm

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Computer Science, Mathematics, Algorithm, Mathematical optimization

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Metric k-center, Nearest neighbour algorithm, True quantified Boolean formula, Maximum coverage problem, Christofides algorithm, Blossom algorithm, Bin packing problem, Subset sum problem, Minimum cut, Implication graph, Continuous knapsack problem, Strongly NP-complete, PP, Partition problem, co-NP-complete, Metric dimension, Complete, Bottleneck traveling salesman problem, Complexity class, Nurse scheduling problem, Decision problem, DPLL algorithm, Longest path problem, Induced subgraph isomorphism problem, Time complexity, Unique games conjecture, Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm, Unit disk graph, Parameterized complexity, Property testing, P versus NP problem, 3-dimensional matching, Edge cover, Randomized algorithm, Feedback arc set, Averaging argument, Steiner tree problem, PCP theorem, NP-hard, SNP, Maximum cut, Randomized rounding, UP, Pseudo-polynomial time, Traveling purchaser problem, Color-coding, Dominating set, Set packing, FP, Power graph analysis, Disjunctive normal form, Maximum subarray problem, co-NP, Promise problem, Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity, Nonogram, Feedback vertex set, Vertex cover, P, Conjunctive normal form, BQP, Probabilistic Turing machine, Planted motif search, Gadget, APX, Probabilistically checkable proof, Maximal independent set, Connected dominating set, Cook–Levin theorem, Boolean satisfiability problem, Domination analysis, Domatic number, Travelling salesman problem, Polynomial-time reduction, Multiprocessor scheduling, Maximum satisfiability problem, Greedy algorithm, Exponential time hypothesis, Hardness of approximation, Interval scheduling, WalkSAT, CURE data clustering algorithm, SPQR tree, MAX-3SAT, 2-satisfiability, NP-complete, Polygon covering, Interactive proof system, P-complete, Computational problem, Computational complexity theory, Covering problems, Cut, Optimization problem, Function problem, Bond graph, Data stream clustering, Computational resource, Tutte matrix, Clique problem, NC, Polynomial-time approximation scheme, Set cover problem, Linear programming relaxation, Graph center, Graph partition, NP, NL-complete, PSPACE, Kernelization, Method of conditional probabilities, PSPACE-complete

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