Digital Image Processing

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Computer Science, Computer vision

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Color image, Image gradient, Image scaling, Texture synthesis, Quadrature mirror filter, Image sensor, Digital geometry, Posterization, Inpainting, Image texture, Color filter array, Image resolution, Steerable pyramid, Top-hat transform, Dark-frame subtraction, Edge enhancement, Phase correlation, Image formation, Binary image, Co-occurrence matrix, Canny edge detector, Marr–Hildreth algorithm, Chromatic adaptation, Mathematical morphology, Median filter, Time delay and integration, Exposing to the right, Image stitching, Bayer filter, Image file formats, Dither, Structuring element, Available light, Prewitt operator, Acutance, Tone mapping, Image noise, Image segmentation, Demosaicing, Pixel aspect ratio, Distance transform, Edge detection, Color balance, Kernel, Non-local means, Dynamic imaging, Separable filter, Digital imaging, Sobel operator, RGB color model, Morphological skeleton, Free boundary condition, Noise reduction, Camera interface, Output device, Ground sample distance, Coiflet, Digital image

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