Linear Programming

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Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematical optimization

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Linear-fractional programming, Bellman equation, Minimum-cost flow problem, Blossom algorithm, Multi-objective optimization, 3-dimensional matching, Flux balance analysis, Unimodular matrix, Fletcher's checksum, Perturbation function, Knapsack problem, Optimization problem, Goal programming, Exponential time hypothesis, Transportation theory, Branch and cut, Edmonds–Karp algorithm, Discontinuity layout optimization, Constraint programming, Duality, Ellipsoid method, Geometric combinatorics, Loop optimization, Retiming, Reduced cost, Basic solution, Slater's condition, Barrier function, Euclidean shortest path, Planted motif search, Shortest common supersequence, Constraint satisfaction, Bounding sphere, Stochastic programming, Generalized assignment problem, Linear programming relaxation, Linear complementarity problem, Gomory–Hu tree, Circulation problem, Multi-commodity flow problem, Submodular set function, Lagrange multiplier, Lemke's algorithm, Kantorovich inequality, 1-center problem, Lattice reduction, Polyhedral combinatorics, Feasible region, Equivalent impedance transforms, Linear inequality, h-vector, Pascal matrix, Karmarkar's algorithm, Fenchel's duality theorem, Branch and bound, Successive over-relaxation, Oriented matroid, AMPL, Covering problems, Flow network, Equal-cost multi-path routing, Kravchuk polynomials, Longest common subsequence problem, Big M method, Trapezoid graph, Golden section search, Benders' decomposition, Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition, Bland's rule, Set packing, Matrix splitting, Convex analysis, Epigraph, Revised simplex method, Max-flow min-cut theorem, Assignment problem, Dinic's algorithm, Polytope model, Constraint, Branch and price, Overlapping subproblems, Dynamic programming, Weak duality, LP-type problem, Bregman divergence, Maximum flow problem, Subgradient method, Constraint satisfaction problem, P-complete, Star-shaped polygon, Polytope, Finite element limit analysis, Facility location problem, Least-squares spectral analysis, Metric dimension, Jacobi method, Quasiconvex function, Column generation, Shadow price, Special ordered set, Simplex algorithm, Weapon target assignment problem, Cutting stock problem, Average-case complexity, Engineering analysis, Foster's reactance theorem, Tree sort, Metric k-center, Horn-satisfiability, Strong duality, Unit cube, Power system simulation, Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi distance algorithm, Convex function, Interior point method, Pentahedron, Interval scheduling, Combinatorial auction, LPBoost, Balanced matrix, Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions, Multilevel feedback queue, Gauss–Seidel method, Klee–Minty cube, Algebraic modeling language, Set partitioning in hierarchical trees, Duality gap, Data envelopment analysis, Maximum coverage problem, Worst-case complexity, Shellsort, Cutting-plane method, Hungarian algorithm

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