Computational Geometry

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Computer Science, Mathematics, Geometry

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Proximity problems, Closest pair of points problem, Asymptotically optimal algorithm, Pointer swizzling, Simple polygon, Boyer–Moore string search algorithm, Polygonal chain, Scapegoat tree, Power diagram, Master theorem, Segment tree, Alpha shape, Theta graph, Discrepancy theory, Rational motion, Art gallery problem, Rectilinear polygon, k-d tree, Weighted Voronoi diagram, Kinodynamic planning, Bin, Largest empty rectangle, Mesh generation, Point in polygon, Bounding sphere, Nearest neighbor graph, Envelope, Dynamization, Visibility graph, Metric tree, Minimum bounding box algorithms, Minkowski addition, Monte Carlo algorithm, Probabilistic analysis of algorithms, Pentahedron, Las Vegas algorithm, Gift wrapping algorithm, Radon's theorem, Doubly connected edge list, Sweep line algorithm, Division algorithm, Orthogonal convex hull, Local feature size, Best bin first, Range searching, Delaunay triangulation, Rotating calipers, Point location, Visibility polygon, Monotone polygon, Star-shaped polygon, Polygon triangulation, Bounding volume, Minimum bounding box, Largest empty sphere, Bounding volume hierarchy, Theil–Sen estimator, Space partitioning, Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm, Euclidean shortest path, Pitteway triangulation, Convex hull, Range query, Beta skeleton, Sorting, Accounting method, Cover tree, Polygon covering, Sweep and prune, Randomization function, Nearest neighbor search, Planarity testing, Straight skeleton, Pseudotriangle, Line segment intersection, Carpenter's rule problem, Aanderaa–Karp–Rosenberg conjecture, Bitangent, Interval tree, Fortune's algorithm, Constrained Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, Hit-testing

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