Theory Of Computation

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Computer Science, Mathematics, Algorithm, Programming language

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Average-case complexity, Complexity class, Computable function, Structural complexity theory, Asymptotic computational complexity, Circuit complexity, Interactive proof system, co-NP, PSPACE, Oracle machine, Many-one reduction, Arithmetical set, Computability theory, Probabilistically checkable proof, Complete, EXPSPACE, Search problem, Savitch's theorem, Polynomial-time reduction, DFA minimization, Bounded quantifier, Büchi automaton, Deterministic automaton, Function problem, Recursively enumerable language, DSPACE, Grzegorczyk hierarchy, Analytical hierarchy, Parity function, Deterministic finite automaton, Arithmetical hierarchy, Graph isomorphism problem, Model of computation, Deterministic pushdown automaton, Operator-precedence grammar, EXPTIME, Powerset construction, Pushdown automaton, Effective dimension, Semantic gap, Descriptive complexity theory, 3SUM, Promise problem, Computational problem, Recursively enumerable set, Busy beaver, Proof of knowledge, Fast-growing hierarchy, True quantified Boolean formula, Quantum complexity theory, Rewriting, Rice's theorem, Pseudorandom generator, Computability, Nondeterministic finite automaton, Embedded pushdown automaton, NEXPTIME, Numbering, Decision tree model, Implication table, NTIME, Kleene's recursion theorem, Randomized algorithm, NC, Double recursion, Markov algorithm, PSPACE-complete, NSPACE, Timed automaton, Greibach normal form, Context-sensitive language, Computational resource, Semi-Thue system, Turing degree, Reduction, Entscheidungsproblem, Cook–Levin theorem, Alternating Turing machine, Log-space reduction, Space hierarchy theorem, Element distinctness problem, ω-automaton, Recursive language, Computational complexity theory, Nested word, FP, Counting problem, Boolean circuit, Reduction, ReDoS, Time complexity, Unrestricted grammar, Decision problem, Probabilistic Turing machine, Maximal set, Time hierarchy theorem, Gap theorem, Turing reduction, Modal μ-calculus, Non-deterministic Turing machine, Sparse language

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