Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems

   Paper Name    Author
Robust Norm Emergence By Revealing And Reasoning About Context: Socially Intelligent Agents For Enhancing Privacy
Nirav Ajmeri;Hui Guo;Pradeep K. Murukannaiah;Munindar P. Singh;
Synthesis Of Controllable Nash Equilibria In Quantitative Objective Game
Shaull Almagor;Orna Kupferman;Giuseppe Perelli;
Comparing Approximate Relaxations Of Envy-Freeness
Georgios Amanatidis;Georgios Birmpas;Vangelis Markakis;
Reasoning About Consensus When Opinions Diffuse Through Majority Dynamics
Vincenzo Auletta;Diodato Ferraioli;Gianluigi Greco;
Egalitarian Committee Scoring Rules
Haris Aziz;Piotr Faliszewski;Bernard Grofman;Arkadii Slinko;Nimrod Talmon;
Truthful Fair Division Without Free Disposal
Xiaohui Bei;Guangda Huzhang;Warut Suksompong;
Accountable Approval Sorting
Khaled Belahcene;Yann Chevaleyre;Christophe Labreuche;Nicolas Maudet;Vincent Mousseau;Wassila Ouerdane;
Alternating-time Temporal Logic On Finite Traces
Francesco Belardinelli;Alessio Lomuscio;Aniello Murano;Sasha Rubin;
Managing Communication Costs Under Temporal Uncertainty
Nikhil Bhargava;Christian Muise;Tiago Vaquero;Brian Williams;
Fair Division Under Cardinality Constraints
Arpita Biswas;Siddharth Barman;
Big City Vs. The Great Outdoors: Voter Distribution And How It Affects Gerrymandering
Allan Borodin;Omer Lev;Nisarg Shah;Tyrone Strangway;
Non-decreasing Payment Rules For Combinatorial Auctions
Vitor Bosshard;Ye Wang;Sven Seuken;
An Analytical And Experimental Comparison Of Maximal Lottery Schemes
Florian Brandl;Felix Brandt;Christian Stricker;
Solving Patrolling Problems In The Internet Environment
Tomas Brazdil;Antonin Kucera;Vojtech Rehak;
Combinatorial Auctions Via Machine Learning-based Preference Elicitation
Gianluca Brero;Benjamin Lubin;Sven Seuken;
Pairwise Liquid Democracy
Markus Brill;Nimrod Talmon;
Multiwinner Voting With Fairness Constraints
L. Elisa Celis;Lingxiao Huang;Nisheeth K. Vishnoi;
An FPTAS For Computing Nash Equilibrium In Resource Graph Games
Hau Chan;Albert Xin Jiang;
Vocabulary Alignment For Collaborative Agents: A Study With Real-World Multilingual How-to Instructions
Paula Chocron;Paolo Pareti;
Bidding In Periodic Double Auctions Using Heuristics And Dynamic Monte Carlo Tree Search
Moinul Morshed Porag Chowdhury;Christopher Kiekintveld;Son Tran;William Yeoh;
When Does Diversity Of Agent Preferences Improve Outcomes In Selfish Routing?
Richard Cole;Thanasis Lianeas;Evdokia Nikolova;
Computing The Schulze Method For Large-Scale Preference Data Sets
Theresa Csar;Martin Lackner;Reinhard Pichler;
Facility Reallocation On The Line
Bart de Keijzer;Dominik Wojtczak;
An Operational Semantics For A Fragment Of PRS
Lavindra de Silva;Felipe Meneguzzi;Brian Logan;
A Structural Approach To Activity Selection
Eduard Eiben;Robert Ganian;Sebastian Ordyniak;
Negotiation Strategies For Agents With Ordinal Preferences
Sefi Erlich;Noam Hazon;Sarit Kraus;
Opinion Diffusion And Campaigning On Society Graphs
Piotr Faliszewski;Rica Gonen;Martin Koutecký;Nimrod Talmon;
On The Complexity Of Chore Division
Alireza Farhadi;MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi;
Trembling-Hand Perfection In Extensive-Form Games With Commitment
Gabriele Farina;Alberto Marchesi;Christian Kroer;Nicola Gatti;Tuomas Sandholm;
Probabilistic Verification For Obviously Strategyproof Mechanisms
Diodato Ferraioli;Carmine Ventre;
On Fair Price Discrimination In Multi-Unit Markets
Michele Flammini;Manuel Mauro;Matteo Tonelli;
An Axiomatic View Of The Parimutuel Consensus Mechanism
Rupert Freeman;David M. Pennock;
Deep Learning For Multi-Facility Location Mechanism Design
Noah Golowich;Harikrishna Narasimhan;David C. Parkes;
Balancing Two-Player Stochastic Games With Soft Q-Learning
Jordi Grau-Moya;Felix Leibfried;Haitham Bou-Ammar;
When Rigging A Tournament, Let Greediness Blind You
Sushmita Gupta;Sanjukta Roy;Saket Saurabh;Meirav Zehavi;
Winning A Tournament By Any Means Necessary
Sushmita Gupta;Sanjukta Roy;Saket Saurabh;Meirav Zehavi;
Fostering Cooperation In Structured Populations Through Local And Global Interference Strategies
The Anh Han;Simon Lynch;Long Tran-Thanh;Francisco C. Santos;
Payoff Control In The Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Dong Hao;Kai Li;Tao Zhou;
Ceteris Paribus Majority For Social Ranking
Adrian Haret;Hossein Khani;Stefano Moretti;Meltem Öztürk;
Computational Aspects Of The Preference Cores Of Supermodular Two-Scenario Cooperative Games
Daisuke Hatano;Yuichi Yoshida;
Computational Social Choice Meets Databases
Benny Kimelfeld;Phokion G. Kolaitis;Julia Stoyanovich;
Symbolic Synthesis Of Fault-Tolerance Ratios In Parameterised Multi-Agent Systems
Panagiotis Kouvaros;Alessio Lomuscio;Edoardo Pirovano;
Explaining Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding Models With An Extended Shapley Value
Christophe Labreuche;Simon Fossier;
Approval-Based Multi-Winner Rules And Strategic Voting
Martin Lackner;Piotr Skowron;
Combining Opinion Pooling And Evidential Updating For Multi-Agent Consensus
Chanelle Lee;Jonathan Lawry;Alan Winfield;
Service Exchange Problem
Julien Lesca;Taiki Todo;
Tractable (Simple) Contests
Priel Levy;David Sarne;Yonatan Aumann;
Customer Sharing In Economic Networks With Costs
Bin Li;Dong Hao;Dengji Zhao;Tao Zhou;
Dynamic Fair Division Problem With General Valuations
Bo Li;Wenyang Li;Yingkai Li;
Integrating Demand Response And Renewable Energy In Wholesale Market
Chaojie Li;Chen Liu;Xinghuo Yu;Ke Deng;Tingwen Huang;Liangchen Liu;
Equilibrium Behavior In Competing Dynamic Matching Markets
Zhuoshu Li;Neal Gupta;Sanmay Das;John P. Dickerson;
What Game Are We Playing? End-to-end Learning In Normal And Extensive Form Games
Chun Kai Ling;Fei Fang;J. Zico Kolter;
Verifying Emergence Of Bounded Time Properties In Probabilistic Swarm Systems
Alessio Lomuscio;Edoardo Pirovano;
Maximin Share Allocations On Cycles
Zbigniew Lonc;Miroslaw Truszczynski;
Multi-Agent Path Finding With Deadlines
Hang Ma;Glenn Wagner;Ariel Felner;Jiaoyang Li;T. K. Satish Kumar;Sven Koenig;
Optimal Bidding Strategy For Brand Advertising
Takanori Maehara;Atsuhiro Narita;Jun Baba;Takayuki Kawabata;
Preference Orders On Families Of Sets - When Can Impossibility Results Be Avoided?
Jan Maly;Miroslaw Truszczynski;Stefan Woltran;
Online Pricing For Revenue Maximization With Unknown Time Discounting Valuations
Weichao Mao;Zhenzhe Zheng;Fan Wu;Guihai Chen;
Leadership In Singleton Congestion Games
Alberto Marchesi;Stefano Coniglio;Nicola Gatti;
The Price Of Usability: Designing Operationalizable Strategies For Security Games
Sara Marie Mc Carthy;Corine M. Laan;Kai Wang;Phebe Vayanos;Arunesh Sinha;Milind Tambe;
Dynamically Forming A Group Of Human Forecasters And Machine Forecaster For Forecasting Economic Indicators
Takahiro Miyoshi;Shigeo Matsubara;
Goal-Based Collective Decisions: Axiomatics And Computational Complexity
Arianna Novaro;Umberto Grandi;Dominique Longin;Emiliano Lorini;
Deontic Sensors
Julian Padget;Marina De Vos;Charlie Ann Page;
Democratic Fair Allocation Of Indivisible Goods
Erel Segal-Halevi;Warut Suksompong;
Double Auctions In Markets For Multiple Kinds Of Goods
Erel Segal-Halevi;Avinatan Hassidim;Yonatan Aumann;
Redividing The Cake
Erel Segal-Halevi;
Ex-post IR Dynamic Auctions With Cost-per-Action Payments
Weiran Shen;Zihe Wang;Song Zuo;
Designing The Game To Play: Optimizing Payoff Structure In Security Games
Zheyuan Ryan Shi;Ziye Tang;Long Tran-Thanh;Rohit Singh;Fei Fang;
Efficient Computation Of Approximate Equilibria In Discrete Colonel Blotto Games
Dong Quan Vu;Patrick Loiseau;Alonso Silva;
A Decentralised Approach To Intersection Traffic Management
Huan Vu;Samir Aknine;Sarvapali D. Ramchurn;
Extended Increasing Cost Tree Search For Non-Unit Cost Domains
Thayne T. Walker;Nathan R. Sturtevant;Ariel Felner;
A Cloaking Mechanism To Mitigate Market Manipulation
Xintong Wang;Yevgeniy Vorobeychik;Michael P. Wellman;
Budget-feasible Procurement Mechanisms In Two-sided Markets
Weiwei Wu;Xiang Liu;Minming Li;
Exact Algorithms And Complexity Of Kidney Exchange
Mingyu Xiao;Xuanbei Wang;
Keeping In Touch With Collaborative UAVs: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
Bo Yang;Min Liu;
Recurrent Deep Multiagent Q-Learning For Autonomous Brokers In Smart Grid
Yaodong Yang;Jianye Hao;Mingyang Sun;Zan Wang;Changjie Fan;Goran Strbac;
Multiwinner Voting With Restricted Admissible Sets: Complexity And Strategyproofness
Yongjie Yang;Jianxin Wang;
Socially Motivated Partial Cooperation In Multi-agent Local Search
Tal Ze'evi;Roie Zivan;Omer Lev;
Strategyproof And Fair Matching Mechanism For Union Of Symmetric M-convex Constraints
Yuzhe Zhang;Kentaro Yahiro;Nathanaël Barrot;Makoto Yokoo;

Computer Vision

   Paper Name    Author
MEnet: A Metric Expression Network For Salient Object Segmentation
Shulian Cai;Jiabin Huang;Delu Zeng;Xinghao Ding;John Paisley;
Show, Observe And Tell: Attribute-driven Attention Model For Image Captioning
Hui Chen;Guiguang Ding;Zijia Lin;Sicheng Zhao;Jungong Han;
Learning Deep Unsupervised Binary Codes For Image Retrieval
Junjie Chen;William K. Cheung;Anran Wang;
Deep View-Aware Metric Learning For Person Re-Identification
Pu Chen;Xinyi Xu;Cheng Deng;
Knowledge-Embedded Representation Learning For Fine-Grained Image Recognition
Tianshui Chen;Liang Lin;Riquan Chen;Yang Wu;Xiaonan Luo;
Sharing Residual Units Through Collective Tensor Factorization To Improve Deep Neural Networks
Yunpeng Chen;Xiaojie Jin;Bingyi Kang;Jiashi Feng;Shuicheng Yan;
Scanpath Prediction For Visual Attention Using IOR-ROI LSTM
Zhenzhong Chen;Wanjie Sun;
Multi-scale And Discriminative Part Detectors Based Features For Multi-label Image Classification
Gong Cheng;Decheng Gao;Yang Liu;Junwei Han;
Anonymizing K Facial Attributes Via Adversarial Perturbations
Saheb Chhabra;Richa Singh;Mayank Vatsa;Gaurav Gupta;
Dual Adversarial Networks For Zero-shot Cross-media Retrieval
Jingze Chi;Yuxin Peng;
Siamese CNN-BiLSTM Architecture For 3D Shape Representation Learning
Guoxian Dai;Jin Xie;Yi Fang;
Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification With Generative Adversarial Training
Pingyang Dai;Rongrong Ji;Haibin Wang;Qiong Wu;Yuyu Huang;
R³Net: Recurrent Residual Refinement Network For Saliency Detection
Zijun Deng;Xiaowei Hu;Lei Zhu;Xuemiao Xu;Jing Qin;Guoqiang Han;Pheng-Ann Heng;
Unsupervised Cross-Modality Domain Adaptation Of ConvNets For Biomedical Image Segmentations With Adversarial Loss
Qi Dou;Cheng Ouyang;Cheng Chen;Hao Chen;Pheng-Ann Heng;
Enhanced-alignment Measure For Binary Foreground Map Evaluation
Deng-Ping Fan;Cheng Gong;Yang Cao;Bo Ren;Ming-Ming Cheng;Ali Borji;
Watching A Small Portion Could Be As Good As Watching All: Towards Efficient Video Classification
Hehe Fan;Zhongwen Xu;Linchao Zhu;Chenggang Yan;Jianjun Ge;Yi Yang;
Age Estimation Using Expectation Of Label Distribution Learning
Bin-Bin Gao;Hong-Yu Zhou;Jianxin Wu;Xin Geng;
Coarse-to-fine Image Co-segmentation With Intra And Inter Rank Constraints
Lianli Gao;Jingkuan Song;Dongxiang Zhang;Heng Tao Shen;
View-Volume Network For Semantic Scene Completion From A Single Depth Image
Yuxiao Guo;Xin Tong;
Harnessing Synthesized Abstraction Images To Improve Facial Attribute Recognition
Keke He;Yanwei Fu;Wuhao Zhang;Chengjie Wang;Yu-Gang Jiang;Feiyue Huang;Xiangyang Xue;
StackDRL: Stacked Deep Reinforcement Learning For Fine-grained Visual Categorization
Xiangteng He;Yuxin Peng;Junjie Zhao;
Co-attention CNNs For Unsupervised Object Co-segmentation
Kuang-Jui Hsu;Yen-Yu Lin;Yung-Yu Chuang;
Human Motion Generation Via Cross-Space Constrained Sampling
Zhongyue Huang;Jingwei Xu;Bingbing Ni;
Semantic Locality-Aware Deformable Network For Clothing Segmentation
Wei Ji;Xi Li;Yueting Zhuang;Omar El Farouk Bourahla;Yixin Ji;Shihao Li;Jiabao Cui;
Deep CNN Denoiser And Multi-layer Neighbor Component Embedding For Face Hallucination
Junjun Jiang;Yi Yu;Jinhui Hu;Suhua Tang;Jiayi Ma;
Feature Integration With Adaptive Importance Maps For Visual Tracking
Aishi Li;Ming Yang;Wanqi Yang;
Co-occurrence Feature Learning From Skeleton Data For Action Recognition And Detection With Hierarchical Aggregation
Chao Li;Qiaoyong Zhong;Di Xie;Shiliang Pu;
Image Cationing With Visual-Semantic LSTM
Nannan Li;Zhenzhong Chen;
Nonrigid Points Alignment With Soft-weighted Selection
Xuelong Li;Jian Yang;Qi Wang;
Deeply-Supervised CNN Model For Action Recognition With Trainable Feature Aggregation
Yang Li;Kan Li;Xinxin Wang;
Live Face Verification With Multiple Instantialized Local Homographic Parameterization
Chen Lin;Zhouyingcheng Liao;Peng Zhou;Jianguo Hu;Bingbing Ni;
Multi-Level Policy And Reward Reinforcement Learning For Image Captioning
Anan Liu;Ning Xu;Hanwang Zhang;Weizhi Nie;Yuting Su;Yongdong Zhang;
Cross-Domain 3D Model Retrieval Via Visual Domain Adaption
Anan Liu;Shu Xiang;Wenhui Li;Weizhi Nie;Yuting Su;
Deep Attribute Guided Representation For Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Decheng Liu;Nannan Wang;Chunlei Peng;Jie Li;Xinbo Gao;
When Image Denoising Meets High-Level Vision Tasks: A Deep Learning Approach
Ding Liu;Bihan Wen;Xianming Liu;Zhangyang Wang;Thomas Huang;
Crowd Counting Using Deep Recurrent Spatial-Aware Network
Lingbo Liu;Hongjun Wang;Guanbin Li;Wanli Ouyang;Liang Lin;
H-Net: Neural Network For Cross-domain Image Patch Matching
Weiquan Liu;Xuelun Shen;Cheng Wang;Zhihong Zhang;Chenglu Wen;Jonathan Li;
DEL: Deep Embedding Learning For Efficient Image Segmentation
Yun Liu;Peng-Tao Jiang;Vahan Petrosyan;Shi-Jie Li;Jiawang Bian;Le Zhang;Ming-Ming Cheng;
Progressive Generative Hashing For Image Retrieval
Yuqing Ma;Yue He;Fan Ding;Sheng Hu;Jun Li;Xianglong Liu;
MEGAN: Mixture Of Experts Of Generative Adversarial Networks For Multimodal Image Generation
David Keetae Park;Seungjoo Yoo;Hyojin Bahng;Jaegul Choo;Noseong Park;
Dilated Convolutional Network With Iterative Optimization For Continuous Sign Language Recognition
Junfu Pu;Wengang Zhou;Houqiang Li;
Cross-media Multi-level Alignment With Relation Attention Network
Jinwei Qi;Yuxin Peng;Yuxin Yuan;
Dual Conditional GANs For Face Aging And Rejuvenation
Jingkuan Song;Jingqiu Zhang;Lianli Gao;Xianglong Liu;Heng Tao Shen;
From Pixels To Objects: Cubic Visual Attention For Visual Question Answering
Jingkuan Song;Pengpeng Zeng;Lianli Gao;Heng Tao Shen;
Hierarchical Graph Structure Learning For Multi-View 3D Model Retrieval
Yuting Su;Wenhui Li;Anan Liu;Weizhi Nie;
Learning To Write Stylized Chinese Characters By Reading A Handful Of Examples
Danyang Sun;Tongzheng Ren;Chongxuan Li;Hang Su;Jun Zhu;
Image-level To Pixel-wise Labeling: From Theory To Practice
Tiezhu Sun;Wei Zhang;Zhijie Wang;Lin Ma;Zequn Jie;
Long-Term Human Motion Prediction By Modeling Motion Context And Enhancing Motion Dynamics
Yongyi Tang;Lin Ma;Wei Liu;Wei-Shi Zheng;
CR-GAN: Learning Complete Representations For Multi-view Generation
Yu Tian;Xi Peng;Long Zhao;Shaoting Zhang;Dimitris N. Metaxas;
Representation Learning For Scene Graph Completion Via Jointly Structural And Visual Embedding
Hai Wan;Yonghao Luo;Bo Peng;Wei-Shi Zheng;
Collaborative And Attentive Learning For Personalized Image Aesthetic Assessment
Guolong Wang;Junchi Yan;Zheng Qin;
Uncertainty Sampling For Action Recognition Via Maximizing Expected Average Precision
Hanmo Wang;Xiaojun Chang;Lei Shi;Yi Yang;Yi-Dong Shen;
Collaborative Learning For Weakly Supervised Object Detection
Jiajie Wang;Jiangchao Yao;Ya Zhang;Rui Zhang;
DRPose3D: Depth Ranking In 3D Human Pose Estimation
Min Wang;Xipeng Chen;Wentao Liu;Chen Qian;Liang Lin;Lizhuang Ma;
Do Not Lose The Details: Reinforced Representation Learning For High Performance Visual Tracking
Qiang Wang;Mengdan Zhang;Junliang Xing;Jin Gao;Weiming Hu;Steve Maybank;
Ensemble Soft-Margin Softmax Loss For Image Classification
Xiaobo Wang;Shifeng Zhang;Zhen Lei;Si Liu;Xiaojie Guo;Stan Z. Li;
Deep Propagation Based Image Matting
Yu Wang;Yi Niu;Peiyong Duan;Jianwei Lin;Yuanjie Zheng;
Densely Cascaded Shadow Detection Network Via Deeply Supervised Parallel Fusion
Yupei Wang;Xin Zhao;Yin Li;Xuecai Hu;Kaiqi Huang;
HCR-Net: A Hybrid Of Classification And Regression Network For Object Pose Estimation
Zairan Wang;Weiming Li;Yueying Kao;Dongqing Zou;Qiang Wang;Minsu Ahn;Sunghoon Hong;
Deep Reasoning With Knowledge Graph For Social Relationship Understanding
Zhouxia Wang;Tianshui Chen;Jimmy Ren;Weihao Yu;Hui Cheng;Liang Lin;
Multi-modal Circulant Fusion For Video-to-Language And Backward
Aming Wu;Yahong Han;
Annotation-Free And One-Shot Learning For Instance Segmentation Of Homogeneous Object Clusters
Zheng Wu;Ruiheng Chang;Jiaxu Ma;Cewu Lu;Chi Keung Tang;
Fine-grained Image Classification By Visual-Semantic Embedding
Huapeng Xu;Guilin Qi;Jingjing Li;Meng Wang;Kang Xu;Huan Gao;
Evaluating Brush Movements For Chinese Calligraphy: A Computer Vision Based Approach
Pengfei Xu;Lei Wang;Ziyu Guan;Xia Zheng;Xiaojiang Chen;Zhanyong Tang;Dingyi Fang;Xiaoqing Gong;Zheng Wang;
Multi-task Layout Analysis For Historical Handwritten Documents Using Fully Convolutional Networks
Yue Xu;Fei Yin;Zhaoxiang Zhang;Cheng-Lin Liu;
Semantic Structure-based Unsupervised Deep Hashing
Erkun Yang;Cheng Deng;Tongliang Liu;Wei Liu;Dacheng Tao;
IncepText: A New Inception-Text Module With Deformable PSROI Pooling For Multi-Oriented Scene Text Detection
Qiangpeng Yang;Mengli Cheng;Wenmeng Zhou;Yan Chen;Minghui Qiu;Wei Lin;
SSR-Net: A Compact Soft Stagewise Regression Network For Age Estimation
Tsun-Yi Yang;Yi-Hsuan Huang;Yen-Yu Lin;Pi-Cheng Hsiu;Yung-Yu Chuang;
Extracting Privileged Information From Untagged Corpora For Classifier Learning
Yazhou Yao;Jian Zhang;Fumin Shen;Wankou Yang;Xian-Sheng Hua;Zhenmin Tang;
Visible Thermal Person Re-Identification Via Dual-Constrained Top-Ranking
Mang Ye;Zheng Wang;Xiangyuan Lan;Pong C. Yuen;
Adversarial Attribute-Image Person Re-identification
Zhou Yin;Wei-Shi Zheng;Ancong Wu;Hong-Xing Yu;Hai Wan;Xiaowei Guo;Feiyue Huang;Jianhuang Lai;
Exploiting Images For Video Recognition With Hierarchical Generative Adversarial Networks
Feiwu Yu;Xinxiao Wu;Yuchao Sun;Lixin Duan;
Rethinking Diversified And Discriminative Proposal Generation For Visual Grounding
Zhou Yu;Jun Yu;Chenchao Xiang;Zhou Zhao;Qi Tian;Dacheng Tao;
SafeNet: Scale-normalization And Anchor-based Feature Extraction Network For Person Re-identification
Kun Yuan;Qian Zhang;Chang Huang;Shiming Xiang;Chunhong Pan;
Visual Data Synthesis Via GAN For Zero-Shot Video Classification
Chenrui Zhang;Yuxin Peng;
Better And Faster: Knowledge Transfer From Multiple Self-supervised Learning Tasks Via Graph Distillation For Video Classification
Chenrui Zhang;Yuxin Peng;
Markov Random Neural Fields For Face Sketch Synthesis
Mingjin Zhang;Nannan Wang;Xinbo Gao;Yunsong Li;
Salient Object Detection By Lossless Feature Reflection
Pingping Zhang;Wei Liu;Huchuan Lu;Chunhua Shen;
High Resolution Feature Recovering For Accelerating Urban Scene Parsing
Rui Zhang;Sheng Tang;Luoqi Liu;Yongdong Zhang;Jintao Li;Shuicheng Yan;
Robust Face Sketch Synthesis Via Generative Adversarial Fusion Of Priors And Parametric Sigmoid
Shengchuan Zhang;Rongrong Ji;Jie Hu;Yue Gao;Chia-Wen Lin;
Layered Optical Flow Estimation Using A Deep Neural Network With A Soft Mask
Xi Zhang;Di Ma;Xu Ouyang;Shanshan Jiang;Lin Gan;Gady Agam;
Video Captioning With Tube Features
Bin Zhao;Xuelong Li;Xiaoqiang Lu;
3D-Aided Deep Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
Jian Zhao;Lin Xiong;Yu Cheng;Yi Cheng;Jianshu Li;Li Zhou;Yan Xu;Jayashree Karlekar;Sugiri Pranata;Shengmei Shen;Junliang Xing;Shuicheng Yan;Jiashi Feng;
Hi-Fi: Hierarchical Feature Integration For Skeleton Detection
Kai Zhao;Wei Shen;Shanghua Gao;Dandan Li;Ming-Ming Cheng;
Distortion-aware CNNs For Spherical Images
Qiang Zhao;Chen Zhu;Feng Dai;Yike Ma;Guoqing Jin;Yongdong Zhang;
A Multi-task Learning Approach For Image Captioning
Wei Zhao;Benyou Wang;Jianbo Ye;Min Yang;Zhou Zhao;Ruotian Luo;Yu Qiao;
A Comparative Study Of Transactional And Semantic Approaches For Predicting Cascades On Twitter
Yunwei Zhao;Can Wang;Chi-Hung Chi;Kwok-Yan Lam;Sen Wang;
Learning Robust Gaussian Process Regression For Visual Tracking
Linyu Zheng;Ming Tang;Jinqiao Wang;
Centralized Ranking Loss With Weakly Supervised Localization For Fine-Grained Object Retrieval
Xiawu Zheng;Rongrong Ji;Xiaoshuai Sun;Yongjian Wu;Feiyue Huang;Yanhua Yang;
DehazeGAN: When Image Dehazing Meets Differential Programming
Hongyuan Zhu;Xi Peng;Vijay Chandrasekhar;Liyuan Li;Joo-Hwee Lim;

Constraints and SAT

   Paper Name    Author
A Framework For Constraint Based Local Search Using Essence
Özgür Akgün;Saad Attieh;Ian P. Gent;Christopher Jefferson;Ian Miguel;Peter Nightingale;András Z. Salamon;Patrick Spracklen;James Wetter;
On The Satisfiability Threshold Of Random Community-Structured SAT
Dina Barak-Pelleg;Daniel Berend;
Classification Transfer For Qualitative Reasoning Problems
Manuel Bodirsky;Peter Jonsson;Barnaby Martin;Antoine Mottet;
Descriptive Clustering: ILP And CP Formulations With Applications
Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao;Chia-Tung Kuo;S. S. Ravi;Christel Vrain;Ian Davidson;
Methods For Off-line/on-line Optimization Under Uncertainty
Allegra De Filippo;Michele Lombardi;Michela Milano;
Machine Learning And Constraint Programming For Relational-To-Ontology Schema Mapping
Diego De Uña;Nataliia Rümmele;Graeme Gange;Peter Schachte;Peter J. Stuckey;
Unary Integer Linear Programming With Structural Restrictions
Eduard Eiben;Robert Ganian;Dušan Knop;Sebastian Ordyniak;
Divide And Conquer: Towards Faster Pseudo-Boolean Solving
Jan Elffers;Jakob Nordström;
Seeking Practical CDCL Insights From Theoretical SAT Benchmarks
Jan Elffers;Jesús Giráldez-Cru;Stephan Gocht;Jakob Nordström;Laurent Simon;
Boosting MCSes Enumeration
Éric Grégoire;Yacine Izza;Jean-Marie Lagniez;
Conflict Directed Clause Learning For Maximum Weighted Clique Problem
Emmanuel Hebrard;George Katsirelos;
Simpler And Faster Algorithm For Checking The Dynamic Consistency Of Conditional Simple Temporal Networks
Luke Hunsberger;Roberto Posenato;
DMC: A Distributed Model Counter
Jean-Marie Lagniez;Pierre Marquis;Nicolas Szczepanski;
Solving Exist-Random Quantified Stochastic Boolean Satisfiability Via Clause Selection
Nian-Ze Lee;Yen-Shi Wang;Jie-Hong R. Jiang;
Solving (Weighted) Partial MaxSAT By Dynamic Local Search For SAT
Zhendong Lei;Shaowei Cai;
Core-Guided Minimal Correction Set And Core Enumeration
Nina Narodytska;Nikolaj Bjørner;Maria-Cristina Marinescu;Mooly Sagiv;
Learning Optimal Decision Trees With SAT
Nina Narodytska;Alexey Ignatiev;Filipe Pereira;Joao Marques-Silva;
Accelerated Difference Of Convex Functions Algorithm And Its Application To Sparse Binary Logistic Regression
Duy Nhat Phan;Hoai Minh Le;Hoai An Le Thi;
Stratification For Constraint-Based Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization
Miguel Terra-Neves;Inês Lynce;Vasco Manquinho;
Compact-MDD: Efficiently Filtering (s)MDD Constraints With Reversible Sparse Bit-sets
Hélène Verhaeghe;Christophe Lecoutre;Pierre Schaus;
A Reactive Strategy For High-Level Consistency During Search
Robert J. Woodward;Berthe Y. Choueiry;Christian Bessiere;
A Fast Algorithm For Generalized Arc Consistency Of The Alldifferent Constraint
Xizhe Zhang;Qian Li;Weixiong Zhang;

Humans and AI

   Paper Name    Author
On The Cost Complexity Of Crowdsourcing
Yili Fang;Hailong Sun;Pengpeng Chen;Jinpeng Huai;
A Novel Strategy For Active Task Assignment In Crowd Labeling
Zehong Hu;Jie Zhang;
Deep Learning Based Multi-modal Addressee Recognition In Visual Scenes With Utterances
Thao Le Minh;Nobuyuki Shimizu;Takashi Miyazaki;Koichi Shinoda;
Simultaneous Clustering And Ranking From Pairwise Comparisons
Jiyi Li;Yukino Baba;Hisashi Kashima;
A Novel Neural Network Model Based On Cerebral Hemispheric Asymmetry For EEG Emotion Recognition
Yang Li;Wenming Zheng;Zhen Cui;Tong Zhang;Yuan Zong;
On The Efficiency Of Data Collection For Crowdsourced Classification
Edoardo Manino;Long Tran-Thanh;Nicholas R. Jennings;
Similarity-Based Reasoning, Raven's Matrices, And General Intelligence
Can Serif Mekik;Ron Sun;David Yun Dai;
NPE: Neural Personalized Embedding For Collaborative Filtering
ThaiBinh Nguyen;Atsuhiro Takasu;
Algorithms For Fair Load Shedding In Developing Countries
Olabambo I. Oluwasuji;Obaid Malik;Jie Zhang;Sarvapali D. Ramchurn;
Jointly Learning Network Connections And Link Weights In Spiking Neural Networks
Yu Qi;Jiangrong Shen;Yueming Wang;Huajin Tang;Hang Yu;Zhaohui Wu;Gang Pan;
A Simple Convolutional Neural Network For Accurate P300 Detection And Character Spelling In Brain Computer Interface
Hongchang Shan;Yu Liu;Todor Stefanov;
Cross-Domain Depression Detection Via Harvesting Social Media
Tiancheng Shen;Jia Jia;Guangyao Shen;Fuli Feng;Xiangnan He;Huanbo Luan;Jie Tang;Thanassis Tiropanis;Tat-Seng Chua;Wendy Hall;
Synthesizing Pattern Programs From Examples
Sunbeom So;Hakjoo Oh;
Learning Sequential Correlation For User Generated Textual Content Popularity Prediction
Wen Wang;Wei Zhang;Jun Wang;Junchi Yan;Hongyuan Zha;
Neural Framework For Joint Evolution Modeling Of User Feedback And Social Links In Dynamic Social Networks
Peizhi Wu;Yi Tu;Xiaojie Yuan;Adam Jatowt;Zhenglu Yang;
Memory Attention Networks For Skeleton-based Action Recognition
Chunyu Xie;Ce Li;Baochang Zhang;Chen Chen;Jungong Han;Jianzhuang Liu;
CSNN: An Augmented Spiking Based Framework With Perceptron-Inception
Qi Xu;Yu Qi;Hang Yu;Jiangrong Shen;Huajin Tang;Gang Pan;
Brain-inspired Balanced Tuning For Spiking Neural Networks
Tielin Zhang;Yi Zeng;Dongcheng Zhao;Bo Xu;
Personality-Aware Personalized Emotion Recognition From Physiological Signals
Sicheng Zhao;Guiguang Ding;Jungong Han;Yue Gao;

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

   Paper Name    Author
Query Answering In Propositional Circumscription
Mario Alviano;
Enhancing Existential Rules By Closed-World Variables
Giovanni Amendola;Nicola Leone;Marco Manna;Pierfrancesco Veltri;
Explainable Certain Answers
Giovanni Amendola;Leonid Libkin;
Compiling Model Representations For Querying Large ABoxes In Expressive DLs
Labinot Bajraktari;Magdalena Ortiz;Mantas Simkus;
Abstraction Of Agents Executing Online And Their Abilities In The Situation Calculus
Bita Banihashemi;Giuseppe De Giacomo;Yves Lespérance;
First-Order Rewritability Of Frontier-Guarded Ontology-Mediated Queries
Pablo Barceló;Gerald Berger;Carsten Lutz;Andreas Pieris;
Single-Shot Epistemic Logic Program Solving
Manuel Bichler;Michael Morak;Stefan Woltran;
Inconsistency-Tolerant Ontology-Based Data Access Revisited: Taking Mappings Into Account
Meghyn Bienvenu;
Actual Causality In A Logical Setting
Alexander Bochman;
Exploiting Justifications For Lazy Grounding Of Answer Set Programs
Bart Bogaerts;Antonius Weinzierl;
Fast Compliance Checking In An OWL2 Fragment
Piero A. Bonatti;
Relevance In Structured Argumentation
AnneMarie Borg;Christian Straßer;
Learning Conceptual Space Representations Of Interrelated Concepts
Zied Bouraoui;Steven Schockaert;
Embracing Change By Abstraction Materialization Maintenance For Large ABoxes
Markus Brenner;Birte Glimm;
The Complexity Of Limited Belief Reasoning—The Quantifier-Free Case
Yijia Chen;Abdallah Saffidine;Christoph Schwering;
Belief Update In The Horn Fragment
Nadia Creignou;Adrian Haret;Odile Papini;Stefan Woltran;
A Study Of Argumentative Characterisations Of Preferred Subtheories
Marcello D'Agostino;Sanjay Modgil;
Game Description Language And Dynamic Epistemic Logic Compared
Thorsten Engesser;Robert Mattmüller;Bernhard Nebel;Michael Thielscher;
Probabilistic Bipolar Abstract Argumentation Frameworks: Complexity Results
Bettina Fazzinga;Sergio Flesca;Filippo Furfaro;
From Conjunctive Queries To Instance Queries In Ontology-Mediated Querying
Cristina Feier;Carsten Lutz;Frank Wolter;
An Empirical Study Of Knowledge Tradeoffs In Case-Based Reasoning
Devi Ganesan;Sutanu Chakraborti;
Possibilistic ASP Base Revision By Certain Input
Laurent Garcia;Claire Lefèvre;Odile Papini;Igor Stéphan;Eric Würbel;
Finite Model Reasoning In Hybrid Classes Of Existential Rules
Georg Gottlob;Marco Manna;Andreas Pieris;
Computing Approximate Query Answers Over Inconsistent Knowledge Bases
Sergio Greco;Cristian Molinaro;Irina Trubitsyna;
Reverse Engineering Queries In Ontology-Enriched Systems: The Case Of Expressive Horn Description Logic Ontologies
Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto;Jean Christoph Jung;Leif Sabellek;
Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Belief Revision And Enforcing Arguments
Adrian Haret;Johannes P. Wallner;Stefan Woltran;
Horn-Rewritability Vs PTime Query Evaluation In Ontology-Mediated Querying
Andre Hernich;Carsten Lutz;Fabio Papacchini;Frank Wolter;
On The Conditional Logic Of Simulation Models
Duligur Ibeling;Thomas Icard;
Stratified Negation In Limit Datalog Programs
Mark Kaminski;Bernardo Cuenca Grau;Egor V. Kostylev;Boris Motik;Ian Horrocks;
Counterfactual Resimulation For Causal Analysis Of Rule-Based Models
Jonathan Laurent;Jean Yang;Walter Fontana;
Pseudo-Boolean Constraints From A Knowledge Representation Perspective
Daniel Le Berre;Pierre Marquis;Stefan Mengel;Romain Wallon;
An Efficient Algorithm To Compute Distance Between Lexicographic Preference Trees
Minyi Li;Borhan Kazimipour;
Novel Algorithms For Abstract Dialectical Frameworks Based On Complexity Analysis Of Subclasses And SAT Solving
Thomas Linsbichler;Marco Maratea;Andreas Niskanen;Johannes P. Wallner;Stefan Woltran;
Multi-agent Epistemic Planning With Common Knowledge
Qiang Liu;Yongmei Liu;
Complexity Of Approximate Query Answering Under Inconsistency In Datalog+/-
Thomas Lukasiewicz;Enrico Malizia;Cristian Molinaro;
Incrementally Grounding Expressions For Spatial Relations Between Objects
Tiago Mota;Mohan Sridharan;
Leveraging Qualitative Reasoning To Improve SFL
Alexandre Perez;Rui Abreu;
Two Approaches To Ontology Aggregation Based On Axiom Weakening
Daniele Porello;Nicolas Troquard;Rafael Peñaloza;Roberto Confalonieri;Pietro Galliani;Oliver Kutz;
Argumentation-Based Recommendations: Fantastic Explanations And How To Find Them
Antonio Rago;Oana Cocarascu;Francesca Toni;
Abducing Relations In Continuous Spaces
Taisuke Sato;Katsumi Inoue;Chiaki Sakama;
Reasoning About Betweenness And RCC8 Constraints In Qualitative Conceptual Spaces
Steven Schockaert;Sanjiang Li;
Consequence-based Reasoning For Description Logics With Disjunction, Inverse Roles, Number Restrictions, And Nominals
David Tena Cucala;Bernardo Cuenca Grau;Ian Horrocks;
Inconsistency Measures For Repair Semantics In OBDA
Bruno Yun;Srdjan Vesic;Madalina Croitoru;Pierre Bisquert;
On Concept Forgetting In Description Logics With Qualified Number Restrictions
Yizheng Zhao;Renate Schmidt;

Machine Learning

   Paper Name    Author
Finding Frequent Entities In Continuous Data
Ferran Alet;Rohan Chitnis;Leslie P. Kaelbling;Tomas Lozano-Perez;
Small-Variance Asymptotics For Nonparametric Bayesian Overlapping Stochastic Blockmodels
Gundeep Arora;Anupreet Porwal;Kanupriya Agarwal;Avani Samdariya;Piyush Rai;
Convolutional Neural Networks Based Click-Through Rate Prediction With Multiple Feature Sequences
Patrick P. K. Chan;Xian Hu;Lili Zhao;Daniel S. Yeung;Dapeng Liu;Lei Xiao;
Tri-net For Semi-Supervised Deep Learning
Dong-Dong Chen;Wei Wang;Wei Gao;Zhi-Hua Zhou;
Adversarial Metric Learning
Shuo Chen;Chen Gong;Jian Yang;Xiang Li;Yang Wei;Jun Li;
Distributed Primal-Dual Optimization For Non-uniformly Distributed Data
Minhao Cheng;Cho-Jui Hsieh;
Solving Separable Nonsmooth Problems Using Frank-Wolfe With Uniform Affine Approximations
Edward Cheung;Yuying Li;
Causal Inference In Time Series Via Supervised Learning
Yoichi Chikahara;Akinori Fujino;
Unifying And Merging Well-trained Deep Neural Networks For Inference Stage
Yi-Min Chou;Yi-Ming Chan;Jia-Hong Lee;Chih-Yi Chiu;Chu-Song Chen;
Behavior Of Analogical Inference W.r.t. Boolean Functions
Miguel Couceiro;Nicolas Hug;Henri Prade;Gilles Richard;
Adaptive Collaborative Similarity Learning For Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection
Xiao Dong;Lei Zhu;Xuemeng Song;Jingjing Li;Zhiyong Cheng;
Counterexample-Guided Data Augmentation
Tommaso Dreossi;Shromona Ghosh;Xiangyu Yue;Kurt Keutzer;Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli;Sanjit A. Seshia;
Galaxy Network Embedding: A Hierarchical Community Structure Preserving Approach
Lun Du;Zhicong Lu;Yun Wang;Guojie Song;Yiming Wang;Wei Chen;
Dynamic Network Embedding : An Extended Approach For Skip-gram Based Network Embedding
Lun Du;Yun Wang;Guojie Song;Zhicong Lu;Junshan Wang;
Quantum Divide-and-Conquer Anchoring For Separable Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Yuxuan Du;Tongliang Liu;Yinan Li;Runyao Duan;Dacheng Tao;
A Novel Data Representation For Effective Learning In Class Imbalanced Scenarios
Sri Harsha Dumpala;Rupayan Chakraborty;Sunil Kumar Kopparapu;
Leveraging Latent Label Distributions For Partial Label Learning
Lei Feng;Bo An;
Complementary Binary Quantization For Joint Multiple Indexing
Qiang Fu;Xu Han;Xianglong Liu;Jingkuan Song;Cheng Deng;
Joint Generative Moment-Matching Network For Learning Structural Latent Code
Hongchang Gao;Heng Huang;
Stochastic Second-Order Method For Large-Scale Nonconvex Sparse Learning Models
Hongchang Gao;Heng Huang;
Cuckoo Feature Hashing: Dynamic Weight Sharing For Sparse Analytics
Jinyang Gao;Beng Chin Ooi;Yanyan Shen;Wang-Chien Lee;
Active Discriminative Network Representation Learning
Li Gao;Hong Yang;Chuan Zhou;Jia Wu;Shirui Pan;Yue Hu;
Scalable Rule Learning Via Learning Representation
Pouya Ghiasnezhad Omran;Kewen Wang;Zhe Wang;
Teaching Semi-Supervised Classifier Via Generalized Distillation
Chen Gong;Xiaojun Chang;Meng Fang;Jian Yang;
Faster Training Algorithms For Structured Sparsity-Inducing Norm
Bin Gu;Xingwang Ju;Xiang Li;Guansheng Zheng;
Accelerated Asynchronous Greedy Coordinate Descent Algorithm For SVMs
Bin Gu;Yingying Shan;Xiang Geng;Guansheng Zheng;
Regularizing Deep Neural Networks With An Ensemble-based Decorrelation Method
Shuqin Gu;Yuexian Hou;Lipeng Zhang;Yazhou Zhang;
Energy-efficient Amortized Inference With Cascaded Deep Classifiers
Jiaqi Guan;Yang Liu;Qiang Liu;Jian Peng;
INITIATOR: Noise-contrastive Estimation For Marked Temporal Point Process
Ruocheng Guo;Jundong Li;Huan Liu;
Experimental Design Under The Bradley-Terry Model
Yuan Guo;Peng Tian;Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer;Susan Ostmo;J.Peter Campbell;Michael F.Chiang;Deniz Erdogmus;Jennifer Dy;Stratis Ioannidis;
Replicating Active Appearance Model By Generator Network
Tian Han;Jiawen Wu;Ying Nian Wu;
MIXGAN: Learning Concepts From Different Domains For Mixture Generation
Guang-Yuan Hao;Hong-Xing Yu;Wei-Shi Zheng;
Differential Equations For Modeling Asynchronous Algorithms
Li He;Qi Meng;Wei Chen;Zhi-Ming Ma;Tie-Yan Liu;
Outer Product-based Neural Collaborative Filtering
Xiangnan He;Xiaoyu Du;Xiang Wang;Feng Tian;Jinhui Tang;Tat-Seng Chua;
Soft Filter Pruning For Accelerating Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Yang He;Guoliang Kang;Xuanyi Dong;Yanwei Fu;Yi Yang;
Time-evolving Text Classification With Deep Neural Networks
Yu He;Jianxin Li;Yangqiu Song;Mutian He;Hao Peng;
Preventing Disparate Treatment In Sequential Decision Making
Hoda Heidari;Andreas Krause;
Generative Adversarial Positive-Unlabelled Learning
Ming Hou;Brahim Chaib-draa;Chao Li;Qibin Zhao;
Doubly Aligned Incomplete Multi-view Clustering
Menglei Hu;Songcan Chen;
Summarizing Source Code With Transferred API Knowledge
Xing Hu;Ge Li;Xin Xia;David Lo;Shuai Lu;Zhi Jin;
Experienced Optimization With Reusable Directional Model For Hyper-Parameter Search
Yi-Qi Hu;Yang Yu;Zhi-Hua Zhou;
A Normalized Convolutional Neural Network For Guided Sparse Depth Upsampling
Jiashen Hua;Xiaojin Gong;
Combinatorial Pure Exploration With Continuous And Separable Reward Functions And Its Applications
Weiran Huang;Jungseul Ok;Liang Li;Wei Chen;
Efficient DNN Neuron Pruning By Minimizing Layer-wise Nonlinear Reconstruction Error
Chunhui Jiang;Guiying Li;Chao Qian;Ke Tang;
Automatic Gating Of Attributes In Deep Structure
Xiaoming Jin;Tao He;Cheng Wan;Lan Yi;Guiguang Ding;Dou Shen;
Self-weighted Multiple Kernel Learning For Graph-based Clustering And Semi-supervised Classification
Zhao Kang;Xiao Lu;Jinfeng Yi;Zenglin Xu;
Network Approximation Using Tensor Sketching
Shiva Prasad Kasiviswanathan;Nina Narodytska;Hongxia Jin;
Temporal Belief Memory: Imputing Missing Data During RNN Training
Yeo Jin Kim;Min Chi;
Learning SMT(LRA) Constraints Using SMT Solvers
Samuel Kolb;Stefano Teso;Andrea Passerini;Luc De Raedt;
HST-LSTM: A Hierarchical Spatial-Temporal Long-Short Term Memory Network For Location Prediction
Dejiang Kong;Fei Wu;
A Property Testing Framework For The Theoretical Expressivity Of Graph Kernels
Nils M. Kriege;Christopher Morris;Anja Rey;Christian Sohler;
Geometric Enclosing Networks
Trung Le;Hung Vu;Tu Dinh Nguyen;Dinh Phung;
Open Loop Execution Of Tree-Search Algorithms
Erwan Lecarpentier;Guillaume Infantes;Charles Lesire;Emmanuel Rachelson;
Z-Transforms And Its Inference On Partially Observable Point Processes
Young Lee;Thanh Vinh Vo;Kar Wai Lim;Harold Soh;
Generalization Bounds For Regularized Pairwise Learning
Yunwen Lei;Shao-Bo Lin;Ke Tang;
Optimization Based Layer-wise Magnitude-based Pruning For DNN Compression
Guiying Li;Chao Qian;Chunhui Jiang;Xiaofen Lu;Ke Tang;
Finite Sample Analysis Of LSTD With Random Projections And Eligibility Traces
Haifang Li;Yingce Xia;Wensheng Zhang;
Deep Joint Semantic-Embedding Hashing
Ning Li;Chao Li;Cheng Deng;Xianglong Liu;Xinbo Gao;
Variance Reduction In Black-box Variational Inference By Adaptive Importance Sampling
Ximing Li;Changchun Li;Jinjin Chi;Jihong Ouyang;
R-SVM+: Robust Learning With Privileged Information
Xue Li;Bo Du;Chang Xu;Yipeng Zhang;Lefei Zhang;Dacheng Tao;
Unsupervised Disentangled Representation Learning With Analogical Relations
Zejian Li;Yongchuan Tang;Yongxing He;
Accelerating Convolutional Networks Via Global & Dynamic Filter Pruning
Shaohui Lin;Rongrong Ji;Yuchao Li;Yongjian Wu;Feiyue Huang;Baochang Zhang;
Episodic Memory Deep Q-Networks
Zichuan Lin;Tianqi Zhao;Guangwen Yang;Lintao Zhang;
UCBoost: A Boosting Approach To Tame Complexity And Optimality For Stochastic Bandits
Fang Liu;Sinong Wang;Swapna Buccapatnam;Ness Shroff;
Structured Inference For Recurrent Hidden Semi-markov Model
Hao Liu;Lirong He;Haoli Bai;Bo Dai;Kun Bai;Zenglin Xu;
High-Order Co-Clustering Via Strictly Orthogonal And Symmetric L1-Norm Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization
Kai Liu;Hua Wang;
Contextual Outlier Interpretation
Ninghao Liu;Donghwa Shin;Xia Hu;
Toward Designing Convergent Deep Operator Splitting Methods For Task-specific Nonconvex Optimization
Risheng Liu;Shichao Cheng;Yi He;Xin Fan;Zhongxuan Luo;
Exploiting Graph Regularized Multi-dimensional Hawkes Processes For Modeling Events With Spatio-temporal Characteristics
Yanchi Liu;Tan Yan;Haifeng Chen;
Learning With Adaptive Neighbors For Image Clustering
Yang Liu;Quanxue Gao;Zhaohua Yang;Shujian Wang;
Zero Shot Learning Via Low-rank Embedded Semantic AutoEncoder
Yang Liu;Quanxue Gao;Jin Li;Jungong Han;Ling Shao;
Fast Cross-Validation
Yong Liu;Hailun Lin;Lizhong Ding;Weiping Wang;Shizhong Liao;
Exact Low Tubal Rank Tensor Recovery From Gaussian Measurements
Canyi Lu;Jiashi Feng;Zhouchen Lin;Shuicheng Yan;
AAR-CNNs: Auto Adaptive Regularized Convolutional Neural Networks
Yao Lu;Guangming Lu;Yuanrong Xu;Bob Zhang;
SDMCH: Supervised Discrete Manifold-Embedded Cross-Modal Hashing
Xin Luo;Xiao-Ya Yin;Liqiang Nie;Xuemeng Song;Yongxin Wang;Xin-Shun Xu;
Online Heterogeneous Transfer Metric Learning
Yong Luo;Tongliang Liu;Yonggang Wen;Dacheng Tao;
Hierarchical Active Learning With Group Proportion Feedback
Zhipeng Luo;Milos Hauskrecht;
Self-Representative Manifold Concept Factorization With Adaptive Neighbors For Clustering
Sihan Ma;Lefei Zhang;Wenbin Hu;Yipeng Zhang;Jia Wu;Xuelong Li;
On Q-learning Convergence For Non-Markov Decision Processes
Sultan Javed Majeed;Marcus Hutter;
Unpaired Multi-Domain Image Generation Via Regularized Conditional GANs
Xudong Mao;Qing Li;
Spectral Feature Scaling Method For Supervised Dimensionality Reduction
Momo Matsuda;Keiichi Morikuni;Tetsuya Sakurai;
Interactive Optimal Teaching With Unknown Learners
Francisco S. Melo;Carla Guerra;Manuel Lopes;
Neural Machine Translation With Key-Value Memory-Augmented Attention
Fandong Meng;Zhaopeng Tu;Yong Cheng;Haiyang Wu;Junjie Zhai;Yuekui Yang;Di Wang;
An Information Theory Based Approach To Multisource Clustering
Pierre-Alexandre Murena;Jérémie Sublime;Basarab Matei;Antoine Cornuéjols;
CAGAN: Consistent Adversarial Training Enhanced GANs
Yao Ni;Dandan Song;Xi Zhang;Hao Wu;Lejian Liao;
A Degeneracy Framework For Graph Similarity
Giannis Nikolentzos;Polykarpos Meladianos;Stratis Limnios;Michalis Vazirgiannis;
Multinomial Logit Bandit With Linear Utility Functions
Mingdong Ou;Nan Li;Shenghuo Zhu;Rong Jin;
Adversarially Regularized Graph Autoencoder For Graph Embedding
Shirui Pan;Ruiqi Hu;Guodong Long;Jing Jiang;Lina Yao;Chengqi Zhang;
Generalization-Aware Structured Regression Towards Balancing Bias And Variance
Martin Pavlovski;Fang Zhou;Nino Arsov;Ljupco Kocarev;Zoran Obradovic;
Label Embedding Based On Multi-Scale Locality Preservation
Cheng-Lun Peng;An Tao;Xin Geng;
Cross-modal Bidirectional Translation Via Reinforcement Learning
Jinwei Qi;Yuxin Peng;
Adversarial Constraint Learning For Structured Prediction
Hongyu Ren;Russell Stewart;Jiaming Song;Volodymyr Kuleshov;Stefano Ermon;
Robust Auto-Weighted Multi-View Clustering
Pengzhen Ren;Yun Xiao;Pengfei Xu;Jun Guo;Xiaojiang Chen;Xin Wang;Dingyi Fang;
Reachability Analysis Of Deep Neural Networks With Provable Guarantees
Wenjie Ruan;Xiaowei Huang;Marta Kwiatkowska;
Online Deep Learning: Learning Deep Neural Networks On The Fly
Doyen Sahoo;Quang Pham;Jing Lu;Steven C. H. Hoi;
A Bayesian Latent Variable Model Of User Preferences With Item Context
Aghiles Salah;Hady W. Lauw;
Deep Discrete Prototype Multilabel Learning
Xiaobo Shen;Weiwei Liu;Yong Luo;Yew-Soon Ong;Ivor W. Tsang;
Refine Or Represent: Residual Networks With Explicit Channel-wise Configuration
Yanyan Shen;Jinyang Gao;
Positive And Unlabeled Learning Via Loss Decomposition And Centroid Estimation
Hong Shi;Shaojun Pan;Jian Yang;Chen Gong;
Student-t Variational Autoencoder For Robust Density Estimation
Hiroshi Takahashi;Tomoharu Iwata;Yuki Yamanaka;Masanori Yamada;Satoshi Yagi;
Incomplete Multi-View Weak-Label Learning
Qiaoyu Tan;Guoxian Yu;Carlotta Domeniconi;Jun Wang;Zili Zhang;
Exploration By Distributional Reinforcement Learning
Yunhao Tang;Shipra Agrawal;
Algorithms Or Actions? A Study In Large-Scale Reinforcement Learning
Anderson Rocha Tavares;Sivasubramanian Anbalagan;Leandro Soriano Marcolino;Luiz Chaimowicz;
Deep Into Hypersphere: Robust And Unsupervised Anomaly Discovery In Dynamic Networks
Xian Teng;Muheng Yan;Ali Mert Ertugrul;Yu-Ru Lin;
Differentiable Submodular Maximization
Sebastian Tschiatschek;Aytunc Sahin;Andreas Krause;
Deterministic Binary Filters For Convolutional Neural Networks
Vincent W.-S. Tseng;Sourav Bhattacharya;Javier Fernández Marqués;Milad Alizadeh;Catherine Tong;Nicholas D. Lane;
Efficient Adaptive Online Learning Via Frequent Directions
Yuanyu Wan;Nan Wei;Lijun Zhang;
Cascaded Low Rank And Sparse Representation On Grassmann Manifolds
Boyue Wang;Yongli Hu;Junbin Gao;Yanfeng Sun;Baocai Yin;
Minimizing Adaptive Regret With One Gradient Per Iteration
Guanghui Wang;Dakuan Zhao;Lijun Zhang;
Progressive Blockwise Knowledge Distillation For Neural Network Acceleration
Hui Wang;Hanbin Zhao;Xi Li;Xu Tan;
Ranking Preserving Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Jing Wang;Feng Tian;Weiwei Liu;Xiao Wang;Wenjie Zhang;Kenji Yamanishi;
Binary Coding Based Label Distribution Learning
Ke Wang;Xin Geng;
Convolutional Memory Blocks For Depth Data Representation Learning
Keze Wang;Liang Lin;Chuangjie Ren;Wei Zhang;Wenxiu Sun;
Adaptive Graph Guided Embedding For Multi-label Annotation
Lichen Wang;Zhengming Ding;Yun Fu;
Iterative Metric Learning For Imbalance Data Classification
Nan Wang;Xibin Zhao;Yu Jiang;Yue Gao;
Feature Hashing For Network Representation Learning
Qixiang Wang;Shanfeng Wang;Maoguo Gong;Yue Wu;
Mixed Link Networks
Wenhai Wang;Xiang Li;Tong Lu;Jian Yang;
New Balanced Active Learning Model And Optimization Algorithm
Xiaoqian Wang;Yijun Huang;Ji Liu;Heng Huang;
Fast Factorization-free Kernel Learning For Unlabeled Chunk Data Streams
Yi Wang;Nan Xue;Xin Fan;Jiebo Luo;Risheng Liu;Bin Chen;Haojie Li;Zhongxuan Luo;
Positive And Unlabeled Learning For Detecting Software Functional Clones With Adversarial Training
Hui-Hui Wei;Ming Li;
Does Tail Label Help For Large-Scale Multi-Label Learning
Tong Wei;Yu-Feng Li;
Unsupervised Deep Hashing Via Binary Latent Factor Models For Large-scale Cross-modal Retrieval
Gengshen Wu;Zijia Lin;Jungong Han;Li Liu;Guiguang Ding;Baochang Zhang;Jialie Shen;
Efficient Attributed Network Embedding Via Recursive Randomized Hashing
Wei Wu;Bin Li;Ling Chen;Chengqi Zhang;
Towards Enabling Binary Decomposition For Partial Label Learning
Xuan Wu;Min-Ling Zhang;
Cutting The Software Building Efforts In Continuous Integration By Semi-Supervised Online AUC Optimization
Zheng Xie;Ming Li;
Multi-Label Co-Training
Yuying Xing;Guoxian Yu;Carlotta Domeniconi;Jun Wang;Zili Zhang;
De-biasing Covariance-Regularized Discriminant Analysis
Haoyi Xiong;Wei Cheng;Yanjie Fu;Wenqing Hu;Jiang Bian;Zhishan Guo;
Deep Multi-View Concept Learning
Cai Xu;Ziyu Guan;Wei Zhao;Yunfei Niu;Quan Wang;Zhiheng Wang;
Online Continuous-Time Tensor Factorization Based On Pairwise Interactive Point Processes
Hongteng Xu;Dixin Luo;Lawrence Carin;
MUSCAT: Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Learning With Application To Climate Modeling
Jianpeng Xu;Xi Liu;Tyler Wilson;Pang-Ning Tan;Pouyan Hatami;Lifeng Luo;
Multi-Level Metric Learning Via Smoothed Wasserstein Distance
Jie Xu;Lei Luo;Cheng Deng;Heng Huang;
Label Enhancement For Label Distribution Learning
Ning Xu;An Tao;Xin Geng;
Convergence Analysis Of Gradient Descent For Eigenvector Computation
Zhiqiang Xu;Xin Cao;Xin Gao;
PredCNN: Predictive Learning With Cascade Convolutions
Ziru Xu;Yunbo Wang;Mingsheng Long;Jianmin Wang;
Improving Maximum Likelihood Estimation Of Temporal Point Process Via Discriminative And Adversarial Learning
Junchi Yan;Xin Liu;Liangliang Shi;Changsheng Li;Hongyuan Zha;
A Unified Analysis Of Stochastic Momentum Methods For Deep Learning
Yan Yan;Tianbao Yang;Zhe Li;Qihang Lin;Yi Yang;
Cost-Effective Active Learning For Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification
Yi-Fan Yan;Sheng-Jun Huang;
Semi-Supervised Optimal Transport For Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation
Yuguang Yan;Wen Li;Hanrui Wu;Huaqing Min;Mingkui Tan;Qingyao Wu;
Spatio-Temporal Check-in Time Prediction With Recurrent Neural Network Based Survival Analysis
Guolei Yang;Ying Cai;Chandan K Reddy;
A Unified Approach For Multi-step Temporal-Difference Learning With Eligibility Traces In Reinforcement Learning
Long Yang;Minhao Shi;Qian Zheng;Wenjia Meng;Gang Pan;
Bandit Online Learning On Graphs Via Adaptive Optimization
Peng Yang;Peilin Zhao;Xin Gao;
Semi-Supervised Multi-Modal Learning With Incomplete Modalities
Yang Yang;De-Chuan Zhan;Xiang-Rong Sheng;Yuan Jiang;
High-dimensional Similarity Learning Via Dual-sparse Random Projection
Dezhong Yao;Peilin Zhao;Tuan-Anh Nguyen Pham;Gao Cong;
Distance Metric Facilitated Transportation Between Heterogeneous Domains
Han-Jia Ye;Xiang-Rong Sheng;De-Chuan Zhan;Peng He;
Stochastic Fractional Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Nanyang Ye;Zhanxing Zhu;
Hashing Over Predicted Future Frames For Informed Exploration Of Deep Reinforcement Learning
Haiyan Yin;Jianda Chen;Sinno Jialin Pan;
Request-and-Reverify: Hierarchical Hypothesis Testing For Concept Drift Detection With Expensive Labels
Shujian Yu;Xiaoyang Wang;José C. Príncipe;
A Generic Approach For Accelerating Stochastic Zeroth-Order Convex Optimization
Xiaotian Yu;Irwin King;Michael R. Lyu;Tianbao Yang;
Mixture Of GANs For Clustering
Yang Yu;Wen-Ji Zhou;
FISH-MML: Fisher-HSIC Multi-View Metric Learning
Changqing Zhang;Yeqinq Liu;Yue Liu;Qinghua Hu;Xinwang Liu;Pengfei Zhu;
Learning Environmental Calibration Actions For Policy Self-Evolution
Chao Zhang;Yang Yu;Zhi-Hua Zhou;
Learning To Design Games: Strategic Environments In Reinforcement Learning
Haifeng Zhang;Jun Wang;Zhiming Zhou;Weinan Zhang;Yin Wen;Yong Yu;Wenxin Li;
Generative Warfare Nets: Ensemble Via Adversaries And Collaborators
Honglun Zhang;Liqiang Xiao;Wenqing Chen;Yongkun Wang;Yaohui Jin;
Scalable Multiplex Network Embedding
Hongming Zhang;Liwei Qiu;Lingling Yi;Yangqiu Song;
Dynamically Hierarchy Revolution: DirNet For Compressing Recurrent Neural Network On Mobile Devices
Jie Zhang;Xiaolong Wang;Dawei Li;Yalin Wang;
Achieving Non-Discrimination In Prediction
Lu Zhang;Yongkai Wu;Xintao Wu;
Semi-Supervised Optimal Margin Distribution Machines
Teng Zhang;Zhi-Hua Zhou;
Multi-modality Sensor Data Classification With Selective Attention
Xiang Zhang;Lina Yao;Chaoran Huang;Sen Wang;Mingkui Tan;Guodong Long;Can Wang;
Online Kernel Selection Via Incremental Sketched Kernel Alignment
Xiao Zhang;Shizhong Liao;
Label-Sensitive Task Grouping By Bayesian Nonparametric Approach For Multi-Task Multi-Label Learning
Xiao Zhang;Wenzhong Li;Vu Nguyen;Fuzhen Zhuang;Hui Xiong;Sanglu Lu;
Multi-Task Clustering With Model Relation Learning
Xiaotong Zhang;Xianchao Zhang;Han Liu;Jiebo Luo;
Self-Supervised Deep Low-Rank Assignment Model For Prototype Selection
Xingxing Zhang;Zhenfeng Zhu;Yao Zhao;Deqiang Kong;
Distributed Self-Paced Learning In Alternating Direction Method Of Multipliers
Xuchao Zhang;Liang Zhao;Zhiqian Chen;Chang-Tien Lu;
ANRL: Attributed Network Representation Learning Via Deep Neural Networks
Zhen Zhang;Hongxia Yang;Jiajun Bu;Sheng Zhou;Pinggang Yu;Jianwei Zhang;Martin Ester;Can Wang;
Dynamic Hypergraph Structure Learning
Zizhao Zhang;Haojie Lin;Yue Gao;
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks With Merge-and-Run Mappings
Liming Zhao;Mingjie Li;Depu Meng;Xi Li;Zhaoxiang Zhang;Yueting Zhuang;Zhuowen Tu;Jingdong Wang;
Grouping Attribute Recognition For Pedestrian With Joint Recurrent Learning
Xin Zhao;Liufang Sang;Guiguang Ding;Yuchen Guo;Xiaoming Jin;
Attentional Image Retweet Modeling Via Multi-Faceted Ranking Network Learning
Zhou Zhao;Lingtao Meng;Jun Xiao;Min Yang;Fei Wu;Deng Cai;Xiaofei He;Yueting Zhuang;
Robust Feature Selection On Incomplete Data
Wei Zheng;Xiaofeng Zhu;Yonghua Zhu;Shichao Zhang;
Self-Adaptive Double Bootstrapped DDPG
Zhuobin Zheng;Chun Yuan;Zhihui Lin;Yangyang Cheng;Hanghao Wu;
Where To Prune: Using LSTM To Guide End-to-end Pruning
Jing Zhong;Guiguang Ding;Yuchen Guo;Jungong Han;Bin Wang;
Trajectory-User Linking Via Variational AutoEncoder
Fan Zhou;Qiang Gao;Goce Trajcevski;Kunpeng Zhang;Ting Zhong;Fengli Zhang;
On The Convergence Properties Of A K-step Averaging Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm For Nonconvex Optimization
Fan Zhou;Guojing Cong;
Cost-aware Cascading Bandits
Ruida Zhou;Chao Gan;Jing Yang;Cong Shen;
Towards Generalized And Efficient Metric Learning On Riemannian Manifold
Pengfei Zhu;Hao Cheng;Qinghua Hu;Qilong Wang;Changqing Zhang;
Beyond Similar And Dissimilar Relations : A Kernel Regression Formulation For Metric Learning
Pengfei Zhu;Ren Qi;Qinghua Hu;Qilong Wang;Changqing Zhang;Liu Yang;
Fast Model Identification Via Physics Engines For Data-Efficient Policy Search
Shaojun Zhu;Andrew Kimmel;Kostas E. Bekris;Abdeslam Boularias;
Robust Graph Dimensionality Reduction
Xiaofeng Zhu;Cong Lei;Hao Yu;Yonggang Li;Jiangzhang Gan;Shichao Zhang;
Improving Deep Neural Network Sparsity Through Decorrelation Regularization
Xiaotian Zhu;Wengang Zhou;Houqiang Li;
Localized Incomplete Multiple Kernel K-means
Xinzhong Zhu;Xinwang Liu;Miaomiao Li;En Zhu;Li Liu;Zhiping Cai;Jianping Yin;Wen Gao;
Robust Multi-view Learning Via Half-quadratic Minimization
Yonghua Zhu;Xiaofeng Zhu;Wei Zheng;

Machine Learning Applications

   Paper Name    Author
Sampling For Approximate Bipartite Network Projection
Nesreen Ahmed;Nick Duffield;Liangzhen Xia;
A Fast And Accurate Method For Estimating People Flow From Spatiotemporal Population Data
Yasunori Akagi;Takuya Nishimura;Takeshi Kurashima;Hiroyuki Toda;
Content-Aware Hierarchical Point-of-Interest Embedding Model For Successive POI Recommendation
Buru Chang;Yonggyu Park;Donghyeon Park;Seongsoon Kim;Jaewoo Kang;
Beyond The Click-Through Rate: Web Link Selection With Multi-level Feedback
Kun Chen;Kechao Cai;Longbo Huang;John C.S. Lui;
NeuCast: Seasonal Neural Forecast Of Power Grid Time Series
Pudi Chen;Shenghua Liu;Chuan Shi;Bryan Hooi;Bai Wang;Xueqi Cheng;
Predicting Complex Activities From Ongoing Multivariate Time Series
Weihao Cheng;Sarah Erfani;Rui Zhang;Ramamohanarao Kotagiri;
DELF: A Dual-Embedding Based Deep Latent Factor Model For Recommendation
Weiyu Cheng;Yanyan Shen;Yanmin Zhu;Linpeng Huang;
Learning To Recognize Transient Sound Events Using Attentional Supervision
Szu-Yu Chou;Jyh-Shing Jang;Yi-Hsuan Yang;
Improving Implicit Recommender Systems With View Data
Jingtao Ding;Guanghui Yu;Xiangnan He;Yuhan Quan;Yong Li;Tat-Seng Chua;Depeng Jin;Jiajie Yu;
Recurrent Collaborative Filtering For Unifying General And Sequential Recommender
Disheng Dong;Xiaolin Zheng;Ruixun Zhang;Yan Wang;
Automatic Opioid User Detection From Twitter: Transductive Ensemble Built On Different Meta-graph Based Similarities Over Heterogeneous Information Network
Yujie Fan;Yiming Zhang;Yanfang Ye;Xin Li;
Deep Attributed Network Embedding
Hongchang Gao;Heng Huang;
Interpretable Drug Target Prediction Using Deep Neural Representation
Kyle Yingkai Gao;Achille Fokoue;Heng Luo;Arun Iyengar;Sanjoy Dey;Ping Zhang;
Recommendation With Multi-Source Heterogeneous Information
Li Gao;Hong Yang;Jia Wu;Chuan Zhou;Weixue Lu;Yue Hu;
Discrete Interventions In Hawkes Processes With Applications In Invasive Species Management
Amrita Gupta;Mehrdad Farajtabar;Bistra Dilkina;Hongyuan Zha;
Aspect-Level Deep Collaborative Filtering Via Heterogeneous Information Networks
Xiaotian Han;Chuan Shi;Senzhang Wang;Philip S. Yu;Li Song;
Interpretable Recommendation Via Attraction Modeling: Learning Multilevel Attractiveness Over Multimodal Movie Contents
Liang Hu;Songlei Jian;Longbing Cao;Qingkui Chen;
Integrative Network Embedding Via Deep Joint Reconstruction
Di Jin;Meng Ge;Liang Yang;Dongxiao He;Longbiao Wang;Weixiong Zhang;
Modeling Contemporaneous Basket Sequences With Twin Networks For Next-Item Recommendation
Duc-Trong Le;Hady W. Lauw;Yuan Fang;
Lightweight Label Propagation For Large-Scale Network Data
De-Ming Liang;Yu-Feng Li;
GeoMAN: Multi-level Attention Networks For Geo-sensory Time Series Prediction
Yuxuan Liang;Songyu Ke;Junbo Zhang;Xiuwen Yi;Yu Zheng;
Predicting Activity And Location With Multi-task Context Aware Recurrent Neural Network
Dongliang Liao;Weiqing Liu;Yuan Zhong;Jing Li;Guowei Wang;
Deep Reinforcement Learning In Ice Hockey For Context-Aware Player Evaluation
Guiliang Liu;Oliver Schulte;
Discrete Factorization Machines For Fast Feature-based Recommendation
Han Liu;Xiangnan He;Fuli Feng;Liqiang Nie;Rui Liu;Hanwang Zhang;
Hashtag2Vec: Learning Hashtag Representation With Relational Hierarchical Embedding Model
Jie Liu;Zhicheng He;Yalou Huang;
Dynamic Bayesian Logistic Matrix Factorization For Recommendation With Implicit Feedback
Yong Liu;Lifan Zhao;Guimei Liu;Xinyan Lu;Peng Gao;Xiao-Li Li;Zhihui Jin;
LC-RNN: A Deep Learning Model For Traffic Speed Prediction
Zhongjian Lv;Jiajie Xu;Kai Zheng;Hongzhi Yin;Pengpeng Zhao;Xiaofang Zhou;
Drug Similarity Integration Through Attentive Multi-view Graph Auto-Encoders
Tengfei Ma;Cao Xiao;Jiayu Zhou;Fei Wang;
Your Tweets Reveal What You Like: Introducing Cross-media Content Information Into Multi-domain Recommendation
Weizhi Ma;Min Zhang;Chenyang Wang;Cheng Luo;Yiqun Liu;Shaoping Ma;
From Reality To Perception: Genre-Based Neural Image Style Transfer
Zhuoqi Ma;Nannan Wang;Xinbo Gao;Jie Li;
On Whom Should I Perform This Lab Test Next? An Active Feature Elicitation Approach
Sriraam Natarajan;Srijita Das;Nandini Ramanan;Gautam Kunapuli;Predrag Radivojac;
Hierarchical Electricity Time Series Forecasting For Integrating Consumption Patterns Analysis And Aggregation Consistency
Yue Pang;Bo Yao;Xiangdong Zhou;Yong Zhang;Yiming Xu;Zijing Tan;
ANOMALOUS: A Joint Modeling Approach For Anomaly Detection On Attributed Networks
Zhen Peng;Minnan Luo;Jundong Li;Huan Liu;Qinghua Zheng;
Pairwise-Ranking Based Collaborative Recurrent Neural Networks For Clinical Event Prediction
Zhi Qiao;Shiwan Zhao;Cao Xiao;Xiang Li;Yong Qin;Fei Wang;
Hybrid Approach Of Relation Network And Localized Graph Convolutional Filtering For Breast Cancer Subtype Classification
Sungmin Rhee;Seokjun Seo;Sun Kim;
Improving Information Centrality Of A Node In Complex Networks By Adding Edges
Liren Shan;Yuhao Yi;Zhongzhi Zhang;
A Joint Learning Approach To Intelligent Job Interview Assessment
Dazhong Shen;Hengshu Zhu;Chen Zhu;Tong Xu;Chao Ma;Hui Xiong;
Discrete Network Embedding
Xiaobo Shen;Shirui Pan;Weiwei Liu;Yew-Soon Ong;Quan-Sen Sun;
Estimating Latent People Flow Without Tracking Individuals
Yusuke Tanaka;Tomoharu Iwata;Takeshi Kurashima;Hiroyuki Toda;Naonori Ueda;
Power-law Distribution Aware Trust Prediction
Xiao Wang;Ziwei Zhang;Jing Wang;Peng Cui;Shiqiang Yang;
Real-time Traffic Pattern Analysis And Inference With Sparse Video Surveillance Information
Yang Wang;Yiwei Xiao;Xike Xie;Ruoyu Chen;Hengchang Liu;
Predicting The Spatio-Temporal Evolution Of Chronic Diseases In Population With Human Mobility Data
Yingzi Wang;Xiao Zhou;Anastasios Noulas;Cecilia Mascolo;Xing Xie;Enhong Chen;
Matrix Completion With Preference Ranking For Top-N Recommendation
Zengmao Wang;Yuhong Guo;Bo Du;
Where Have You Been? Inferring Career Trajectory From Academic Social Network
Kan Wu;Jie Tang;Chenhui Zhang;
Extracting Job Title Hierarchy From Career Trajectories: A Bayesian Perspective
Huang Xu;Zhiwen Yu;Bin Guo;Mingfei Teng;Hui Xiong;
Line Separation From Topographic Maps Using Regional Color And Spatial Information
Pengfei Xu;Qiguang Miao;Tiange Liu;Xiaojiang Chen;Dingyi Fang;
3-in-1 Correlated Embedding Via Adaptive Exploration Of The Structure And Semantic Subspaces
Liang Yang;Yuanfang Guo;Di Jin;Huazhu Fu;Xiaochun Cao;
Biharmonic Distance Related Centrality For Edges In Weighted Networks
Yuhao Yi;Liren Shan;Huan Li;Zhongzhi Zhang;
Joint Learning Of Phenotypes And Diagnosis-Medication Correspondence Via Hidden Interaction Tensor Factorization
Kejing Yin;William K. Cheung;Yang Liu;Benjamin C. M. Fung;Jonathan Poon;
Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks: A Deep Learning Framework For Traffic Forecasting
Bing Yu;Haoteng Yin;Zhanxing Zhu;
Task-Guided And Semantic-Aware Ranking For Academic Author-Paper Correlation Inference
Chuxu Zhang;Lu Yu;Xiangliang Zhang;Nitesh V. Chawla;
Finding Communities With Hierarchical Semantics By Distinguishing General And Specialized Topics
Ge Zhang;Di Jin;Jian Gao;Pengfei Jiao;Françoise Fogelman-Soulié;Xin Huang;
DeepTravel: A Neural Network Based Travel Time Estimation Model With Auxiliary Supervision
Hanyuan Zhang;Hao Wu;Weiwei Sun;Baihua Zheng;
CoupledCF: Learning Explicit And Implicit User-item Couplings In Recommendation For Deep Collaborative Filtering
Quangui Zhang;Longbing Cao;Chengzhang Zhu;Zhiqiang Li;Jinguang Sun;
NeuRec: On Nonlinear Transformation For Personalized Ranking
Shuai Zhang;Lina Yao;Aixin Sun;Sen Wang;Guodong Long;Manqing Dong;
PLASTIC: Prioritize Long And Short-term Information In Top-n Recommendation Using Adversarial Training
Wei Zhao;Benyou Wang;Jianbo Ye;Yongqiang Gao;Min Yang;Xiaojun Chen;
Open-Ended Long-form Video Question Answering Via Adaptive Hierarchical Reinforced Networks
Zhou Zhao;Zhu Zhang;Shuwen Xiao;Zhou Yu;Jun Yu;Deng Cai;Fei Wu;Yueting Zhuang;
Multi-Turn Video Question Answering Via Multi-Stream Hierarchical Attention Context Network
Zhou Zhao;Xinghua Jiang;Deng Cai;Jun Xiao;Xiaofei He;Shiliang Pu;
Fast Vehicle Identification In Surveillance Via Ranked Semantic Sampling Based Embedding
Feng Zheng;Xin Miao;Heng Huang;
JUMP: A Jointly Predictor For User Click And Dwell Time
Tengfei Zhou;Hui Qian;Zebang Shen;Chao Zhang;Chengwei Wang;Shichen Liu;Wenwu Ou;
A Deep Framework For Cross-Domain And Cross-System Recommendations
Feng Zhu;Yan Wang;Chaochao Chen;Guanfeng Liu;Mehmet Orgun;Jia Wu;
A Local Algorithm For Product Return Prediction In E-Commerce
Yada Zhu;Jianbo Li;Jingrui He;Brian L. Quanz;Ajay A. Deshpande;
Globally Optimized Mutual Influence Aware Ranking In E-Commerce Search
Tao Zhuang;Wenwu Ou;Zhirong Wang;
Periodic-CRN: A Convolutional Recurrent Model For Crowd Density Prediction With Recurring Periodic Patterns
Ali Zonoozi;Jung-jae Kim;Xiao-Li Li;Gao Cong;

Multidisciplinary Topics and Applications

   Paper Name    Author
Curriculum Adversarial Training
Qi-Zhi Cai;Chang Liu;Dawn Song;
A^3NCF: An Adaptive Aspect Attention Model For Rating Prediction
Zhiyong Cheng;Ying Ding;Xiangnan He;Lei Zhu;Xuemeng Song;Mohan Kankanhalli;
Fact Checking Via Evidence Patterns
Valeria Fionda;Giuseppe Pirrò;
Three-Head Neural Network Architecture For Monte Carlo Tree Search
Chao Gao;Martin Müller;Ryan Hayward;
Adversarial Regression For Detecting Attacks In Cyber-Physical Systems
Amin Ghafouri;Yevgeniy Vorobeychik;Xenofon Koutsoukos;
Tag-based Weakly-supervised Hashing For Image Retrieval
Ziyu Guan;Fei Xie;Wanqing Zhao;Xiaopeng Wang;Long Chen;Wei Zhao;Jinye Peng;
Adversarial Task Assignment
Chen Hajaj;Yevgeniy Vorobeychik;
A Social Interaction Activity Based Time-Varying User Vectorization Method For Online Social Networks
Tianyi Hao;Longbo Huang;
Social Media Based Simulation Models For Understanding Disease Dynamics
Ting Hua;Chandan K Reddy;Lei Zhang;Lijing Wang;Liang Zhao;Chang-Tien Lu;Naren Ramakrishnan;
Towards Better Representation Learning For Personalized News Recommendation: A Multi-Channel Deep Fusion Approach
Jianxun Lian;Fuzheng Zhang;Xing Xie;Guangzhong Sun;
A Non-Parametric Generative Model For Human Trajectories
Kun Ouyang;Reza Shokri;David S. Rosenblum;Wenzhuo Yang;
DyNMF: Role Analytics In Dynamic Social Networks
Yulong Pei;Jianpeng Zhang;George Fletcher;Mykola Pechenizkiy;
LSTM Networks For Online Cross-Network Recommendations
Dilruk Perera;Roger Zimmermann;
Neural User Response Generator: Fake News Detection With Collective User Intelligence
Feng Qian;Chengyue Gong;Karishma Sharma;Yan Liu;
Weakly Learning To Match Experts In Online Community
Yujie Qian;Jie Tang;Kan Wu;
Optimal Cruiser-Drone Traffic Enforcement Under Energy Limitation
Ariel Rosenfeld;Oleg Maksimov;Sarit Kraus;
Path Evaluation And Centralities In Weighted Graphs - An Axiomatic Approach
Jadwiga Sosnowska;Oskar Skibski;
MASTER: Across Multiple Social Networks, Integrate Attribute And STructure Embedding For Reconciliation
Sen Su;Li Sun;Zhongbao Zhang;Gen Li;Jielun Qu;
A Group-based Approach To Improve Multifactorial Evolutionary Algorithm
Jing Tang;Yingke Chen;Zixuan Deng;Yanping Xiang;Colin Paul Joy;
Exploiting POI-Specific Geographical Influence For Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Hao Wang;Huawei Shen;Wentao Ouyang;Xueqi Cheng;
High-Fidelity Simulated Players For Interactive Narrative Planning
Pengcheng Wang;Jonathan Rowe;Wookhee Min;Bradford Mott;James Lester;
Cascaded SR-GAN For Scale-Adaptive Low Resolution Person Re-identification
Zheng Wang;Mang Ye;Fan Yang;Xiang Bai;Shin'ichi Satoh;
Axiomatization Of The PageRank Centrality
Tomasz Wąs;Oskar Skibski;
Generating Adversarial Examples With Adversarial Networks
Chaowei Xiao;Bo Li;Jun-yan Zhu;Warren He;Mingyan Liu;Dawn Song;
From The Periphery To The Core: Information Brokerage In An Evolving Network
Bo Yan;Yiping Liu;Jiamou Liu;Yijin Cai;Hongyi Su;Hong Zheng;
Representing Urban Functions Through Zone Embedding With Human Mobility Patterns
Zijun Yao;Yanjie Fu;Bin Liu;Wangsu Hu;Hui Xiong;
Sequential Recommender System Based On Hierarchical Attention Networks
Haochao Ying;Fuzhen Zhuang;Fuzheng Zhang;Yanchi Liu;Guandong Xu;Xing Xie;Hui Xiong;Jian Wu;
GELU-Net: A Globally Encrypted, Locally Unencrypted Deep Neural Network For Privacy-Preserved Learning
Qiao Zhang;Cong Wang;Hongyi Wu;Chunsheng Xin;Tran V. Phuong;
Impression Allocation For Combating Fraud In E-commerce Via Deep Reinforcement Learning With Action Norm Penalty
Mengchen Zhao;Zhao Li;Bo An;Haifeng Lu;Yifan Yang;Chen Chu;
A Brand-level Ranking System With The Customized Attention-GRU Model
Yu Zhu;Junxiong Zhu;Jie Hou;Yongliang Li;Beidou Wang;Ziyu Guan;Deng Cai;

Natural Language Processing

   Paper Name    Author
Translations As Additional Contexts For Sentence Classification
Reinald Kim Amplayo;Kyungjae Lee;Jinyoung Yeo;Seung-won Hwang;
Empirical Analysis Of Foundational Distinctions In Linked Open Data
Luigi Asprino;Valerio Basile;Paolo Ciancarini;Valentina Presutti;
Think Globally, Embed Locally --- Locally Linear Meta-embedding Of Words
Danushka Bollegala;Kohei Hayashi;Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi;
An Encoder-Decoder Framework Translating Natural Language To Database Queries
Ruichu Cai;Boyan Xu;Zhenjie Zhang;Xiaoyan Yang;Zijian Li;Zhihao Liang;
Medical Concept Embedding With Time-Aware Attention
Xiangrui Cai;Jinyang Gao;Kee Yuan Ngiam;Beng Chin Ooi;Ying Zhang;Xiaojie Yuan;
Point Set Registration For Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction
Hailong Cao;Tiejun Zhao;
Co-training Embeddings Of Knowledge Graphs And Entity Descriptions For Cross-lingual Entity Alignment
Muhao Chen;Yingtao Tian;Kai-Wei Chang;Steven Skiena;Carlo Zaniolo;
TreeNet: Learning Sentence Representations With Unconstrained Tree Structure
Zhou Cheng;Chun Yuan;Jiancheng Li;Haiqin Yang;
Adversarial Active Learning For Sequences Labeling And Generation
Yue Deng;KaWai Chen;Yilin Shen;Hongxia Jin;
Submodularity-Inspired Data Selection For Goal-Oriented Chatbot Training Based On Sentence Embeddings
Mladen Dimovski;Claudiu Musat;Vladimir Ilievski;Andreea Hossman;Michael Baeriswyl;
Domain Adaptation Via Tree Kernel Based Maximum Mean Discrepancy For User Consumption Intention Identification
Xiao Ding;Bibo Cai;Ting Liu;Qiankun Shi;
Attention-Fused Deep Matching Network For Natural Language Inference
Chaoqun Duan;Lei Cui;Xinchi Chen;Furu Wei;Conghui Zhu;Tiejun Zhao;
A Deep Modular RNN Approach For Ethos Mining
Rory Duthie;Katarzyna Budzynska;
A Question Type Driven Framework To Diversify Visual Question Generation
Zhihao Fan;Zhongyu Wei;Piji Li;Yanyan Lan;Xuanjing Huang;
Efficient Pruning Of Large Knowledge Graphs
Stefano Faralli;Irene Finocchi;Simone Paolo Ponzetto;Paola Velardi;
Extracting Action Sequences From Texts Based On Deep Reinforcement Learning
Wenfeng Feng;Hankz Hankui Zhuo;Subbarao Kambhampati;
Improving Low Resource Named Entity Recognition Using Cross-lingual Knowledge Transfer
Xiaocheng Feng;Xiachong Feng;Bing Qin;Zhangyin Feng;Ting Liu;
Topic-to-Essay Generation With Neural Networks
Xiaocheng Feng;Ming Liu;Jiahao Liu;Bing Qin;Yibo Sun;Ting Liu;
EZLearn: Exploiting Organic Supervision In Automated Data Annotation
Maxim Grechkin;Hoifung Poon;Bill Howe;
Approximating Word Ranking And Negative Sampling For Word Embedding
Guibing Guo;Shichang Ouyang;Fajie Yuan;Xingwei Wang;
Reinforced Mnemonic Reader For Machine Reading Comprehension
Minghao Hu;Yuxing Peng;Zhen Huang;Xipeng Qiu;Furu Wei;Ming Zhou;
Improving Entity Recommendation With Search Log And Multi-Task Learning
Jizhou Huang;Wei Zhang;Yaming Sun;Haifeng Wang;Ting Liu;
Goal-Oriented Chatbot Dialog Management Bootstrapping With Transfer Learning
Vladimir Ilievski;Claudiu Musat;Andreea Hossman;Michael Baeriswyl;
Mitigating The Effect Of Out-of-Vocabulary Entity Pairs In Matrix Factorization For KB Inference
Prachi Jain;Shikhar Murty;Mausam;Soumen Chakrabarti;
Learning To Give Feedback: Modeling Attributes Affecting Argument Persuasiveness In Student Essays
Zixuan Ke;Winston Carlile;Nishant Gurrapadi;Vincent Ng;
ACV-tree: A New Method For Sentence Similarity Modeling
Yuquan Le;Zhi-Jie Wang;Zhe Quan;Jiawei He;Bin Yao;
An Adaptive Hierarchical Compositional Model For Phrase Embedding
Bing Li;Xiaochun Yang;Bin Wang;Wei Wang;Wei Cui;Xianchao Zhang;
Multi-modal Sentence Summarization With Modality Attention And Image Filtering
Haoran Li;Junnan Zhu;Tianshang Liu;Jiajun Zhang;Chengqing Zong;
Code Completion With Neural Attention And Pointer Networks
Jian Li;Yue Wang;Michael R. Lyu;Irwin King;
SegBot: A Generic Neural Text Segmentation Model With Pointer Network
Jing Li;Aixin Sun;Shafiq Joty;
Adaboost With Auto-Evaluation For Conversational Models
Juncen Li;Ping Luo;Ganbin Zhou;Fen Lin;Cheng Niu;
Non-translational Alignment For Multi-relational Networks
Shengnan Li;Xin Li;Rui Ye;Mingzhong Wang;Haiping Su;Yingzi Ou;
Learning Word Vectors With Linear Constraints: A Matrix Factorization Approach
Wenye Li;Jiawei Zhang;Jianjun Zhou;Laizhong Cui;
Aspect Term Extraction With History Attention And Selective Transformation
Xin Li;Lidong Bing;Piji Li;Wai Lam;Zhimou Yang;
Constructing Narrative Event Evolutionary Graph For Script Event Prediction
Zhongyang Li;Xiao Ding;Ting Liu;
Deep Text Classification Can Be Fooled
Bin Liang;Hongcheng Li;Miaoqiang Su;Pan Bian;Xirong Li;Wenchang Shi;
Feature Enhancement In Attention For Visual Question Answering
Yuetan Lin;Zhangyang Pang;Donghui Wang;Yueting Zhuang;
Curriculum Learning For Natural Answer Generation
Cao Liu;Shizhu He;Kang Liu;Jun Zhao;
Learning To Explain Ambiguous Headlines Of Online News
Tianyu Liu;Wei Wei;Xiaojun Wan;
Jumper: Learning When To Make Classification Decision In Reading
Xianggen Liu;Lili Mou;Haotian Cui;Zhengdong Lu;Sen Song;
Beyond Polarity: Interpretable Financial Sentiment Analysis With Hierarchical Query-driven Attention
Ling Luo;Xiang Ao;Feiyang Pan;Jin Wang;Tong Zhao;Ningzi Yu;Qing He;
A Hierarchical End-to-End Model For Jointly Improving Text Summarization And Sentiment Classification
Shuming Ma;Xu Sun;Junyang Lin;Xuancheng Ren;
Show And Tell More: Topic-Oriented Multi-Sentence Image Captioning
Yuzhao Mao;Chang Zhou;Xiaojie Wang;Ruifan Li;
Answering Mixed Type Questions About Daily Living Episodes
Taiki Miyanishi;Jun-ichiro Hirayama;Atsunori Kanemura;Motoaki Kawanabe;
ElimiNet: A Model For Eliminating Options For Reading Comprehension With Multiple Choice Questions
Soham Parikh;Ananya Sai;Preksha Nema;Mitesh Khapra;
Assigning Personality/Profile To A Chatting Machine For Coherent Conversation Generation
Qiao Qian;Minlie Huang;Haizhou Zhao;Jingfang Xu;Xiaoyan Zhu;
Translating Embeddings For Knowledge Graph Completion With Relation Attention Mechanism
Wei Qian;Cong Fu;Yu Zhu;Deng Cai;Xiaofei He;
Event Factuality Identification Via Generative Adversarial Networks With Auxiliary Classification
Zhong Qian;Peifeng Li;Yue Zhang;Guodong Zhou;Qiaoming Zhu;
Inferring Temporal Knowledge For Near-Periodic Recurrent Events
Dinesh Raghu;Surag Nair;Mausam;
Learning Out-of-Vocabulary Words In Intelligent Personal Agents
Avik Ray;Yilin Shen;Hongxia Jin;
Joint Posterior Revision Of NLP Annotations Via Ontological Knowledge
Marco Rospocher;Francesco Corcoglioniti;
Interpretable Adversarial Perturbation In Input Embedding Space For Text
Motoki Sato;Jun Suzuki;Hiroyuki Shindo;Yuji Matsumoto;
Functional Partitioning Of Ontologies For Natural Language Query Completion In Question Answering Systems
Jaydeep Sen;Ashish Mittal;Diptikalyan Saha;Karthik Sankaranarayanan;
Learning To Converse With Noisy Data: Generation With Calibration
Mingyue Shang;Zhenxin Fu;Nanyun Peng;Yansong Feng;Dongyan Zhao;Rui Yan;
Reinforced Self-Attention Network: A Hybrid Of Hard And Soft Attention For Sequence Modeling
Tao Shen;Tianyi Zhou;Guodong Long;Jing Jiang;Sen Wang;Chengqi Zhang;
Listen, Think And Listen Again: Capturing Top-down Auditory Attention For Speaker-independent Speech Separation
Jing Shi;Jiaming Xu;Guangcan Liu;Bo Xu;
Toward Diverse Text Generation With Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Zhan Shi;Xinchi Chen;Xipeng Qiu;Xuanjing Huang;
Complementary Learning Of Word Embeddings
Yan Song;Shuming Shi;
Joint Learning Embeddings For Chinese Words And Their Components Via Ladder Structured Networks
Yan Song;Shuming Shi;Jing Li;
An Ensemble Of Retrieval-Based And Generation-Based Human-Computer Conversation Systems
Yiping Song;Cheng-Te Li;Jian-Yun Nie;Ming Zhang;Dongyan Zhao;Rui Yan;
Exploring Encoder-Decoder Model For Distant Supervised Relation Extraction
Sen Su;Ningning Jia;Xiang Cheng;Shuguang Zhu;Ruiping Li;
Bootstrapping Entity Alignment With Knowledge Graph Embedding
Zequn Sun;Wei Hu;Qingheng Zhang;Yuzhong Qu;
A Weakly Supervised Method For Topic Segmentation And Labeling In Goal-oriented Dialogues Via Reinforcement Learning
Ryuichi Takanobu;Minlie Huang;Zhongzhou Zhao;Fenglin Li;Haiqing Chen;Xiaoyan Zhu;Liqiang Nie;
Multiway Attention Networks For Modeling Sentence Pairs
Chuanqi Tan;Furu Wei;Wenhui Wang;Weifeng Lv;Ming Zhou;
Get The Point Of My Utterance! Learning Towards Effective Responses With Multi-Head Attention Mechanism
Chongyang Tao;Shen Gao;Mingyue Shang;Wei Wu;Dongyan Zhao;Rui Yan;
Hermitian Co-Attention Networks For Text Matching In Asymmetrical Domains
Yi Tay;Anh Tuan Luu;Siu Cheung Hui;
One "Ruler" For All Languages: Multi-Lingual Dialogue Evaluation With Adversarial Multi-Task Learning
Xiaowei Tong;Zhenxin Fu;Mingyue Shang;Dongyan Zhao;Rui Yan;
Aspect Sentiment Classification With Both Word-level And Clause-level Attention Networks
Jingjing Wang;Jie Li;Shoushan Li;Yangyang Kang;Min Zhang;Luo Si;Guodong Zhou;
SentiGAN: Generating Sentimental Texts Via Mixture Adversarial Networks
Ke Wang;Xiaojun Wan;
A Reinforced Topic-Aware Convolutional Sequence-to-Sequence Model For Abstractive Text Summarization
Li Wang;Junlin Yao;Yunzhe Tao;Li Zhong;Wei Liu;Qiang Du;
Joint Extraction Of Entities And Relations Based On A Novel Graph Scheme
Shaolei Wang;Yue Zhang;Wanxiang Che;Ting Liu;
Densely Connected CNN With Multi-scale Feature Attention For Text Classification
Shiyao Wang;Minlie Huang;Zhidong Deng;
Transition-based Adversarial Network For Cross-lingual Aspect Extraction
Wenya Wang;Sinno Jialin Pan;
Quality Matters: Assessing CQA Pair Quality Via Transductive Multi-View Learning
Xiaochi Wei;Heyan Huang;Liqiang Nie;Fuli Feng;Richang Hong;Tat-Seng Chua;
Instance Weighting With Applications To Cross-domain Text Classification Via Trading Off Sample Selection Bias And Variance
Rui Xia;Zhenchun Pan;Feng Xu;
Transformable Convolutional Neural Network For Text Classification
Liqiang Xiao;Honglun Zhang;Wenqing Chen;Yongkun Wang;Yaohui Jin;
Scheduled Policy Optimization For Natural Language Communication With Intelligent Agents
Wenhan Xiong;Xiaoxiao Guo;Mo Yu;Shiyu Chang;Bowen Zhou;William Yang Wang;
Lifelong Domain Word Embedding Via Meta-Learning
Hu Xu;Bing Liu;Lei Shu;Philip S. Yu;
Enhancing Semantic Representations Of Bilingual Word Embeddings With Syntactic Dependencies
Linli Xu;Wenjun Ouyang;Xiaoying Ren;Yang Wang;Liang Jiang;
Smarter Response With Proactive Suggestion: A New Generative Neural Conversation Paradigm
Rui Yan;Dongyan Zhao;
Ensemble Neural Relation Extraction With Adaptive Boosting
Dongdong Yang;Senzhang Wang;Zhoujun Li;
Generating Thematic Chinese Poetry Using Conditional Variational Autoencoders With Hybrid Decoders
Xiaopeng Yang;Xiaowen Lin;Shunda Suo;Ming Li;
Teaching Machines To Ask Questions
Kaichun Yao;Libo Zhang;Tiejian Luo;Lili Tao;Yanjun Wu;
Chinese Poetry Generation With A Working Memory Model
Xiaoyuan Yi;Maosong Sun;Ruoyu Li;Zonghan Yang;
Biased Random Walk Based Social Regularization For Word Embeddings
Ziqian Zeng;Xin Liu;Yangqiu Song;
Reinforcing Coherence For Sequence To Sequence Model In Dialogue Generation
Hainan Zhang;Yanyan Lan;Jiafeng Guo;Jun Xu;Xueqi Cheng;
Weakly Supervised Audio Source Separation Via Spectrum Energy Preserved Wasserstein Learning
Ning Zhang;Junchi Yan;Yuchen Zhou;
Learning Tag Dependencies For Sequence Tagging
Yuan Zhang;Hongshen Chen;Yihong Zhao;Qun Liu;Dawei Yin;
Towards Reading Comprehension For Long Documents
Yuanxing Zhang;Yangbin Zhang;Kaigui Bian;Xiaoming Li;
Text Emotion Distribution Learning Via Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network
Yuxiang Zhang;Jiamei Fu;Dongyu She;Ying Zhang;Senzhang Wang;Jufeng Yang;
Neural Networks Incorporating Unlabeled And Partially-labeled Data For Cross-domain Chinese Word Segmentation
Lujun Zhao;Qi Zhang;Peng Wang;Xiaoyu Liu;
Phrase Table As Recommendation Memory For Neural Machine Translation
Yang Zhao;Yining Wang;Jiajun Zhang;Chengqing Zong;
Same Representation, Different Attentions: Shareable Sentence Representation Learning From Multiple Tasks
Renjie Zheng;Junkun Chen;Xipeng Qiu;
Commonsense Knowledge Aware Conversation Generation With Graph Attention
Hao Zhou;Tom Young;Minlie Huang;Haizhou Zhao;Jingfang Xu;Xiaoyan Zhu;
Differentiated Attentive Representation Learning For Sentence Classification
Qianrong Zhou;Xiaojie Wang;Xuan Dong;

Planning and Scheduling

   Paper Name    Author
Multi-modal Predicate Identification Using Dynamically Learned Robot Controllers
Saeid Amiri;Suhua Wei;Shiqi Zhang;Jivko Sinapov;Jesse Thomason;Peter Stone;
Scheduling Under Uncertainty: A Query-based Approach
Luciana Arantes;Evripidis Bampis;Alexander Kononov;Manthos Letsios;Giorgio Lucarelli;Pierre Sens;
Novel Structural Parameters For Acyclic Planning Using Tree Embeddings
Christer Bäckström;Peter Jonsson;Sebastian Ordyniak;
Variable-Delay Controllability
Nikhil Bhargava;Christian Muise;Brian Williams;
Features, Projections, And Representation Change For Generalized Planning
Blai Bonet;Hector Geffner;
Planning And Learning With Stochastic Action Sets
Craig Boutilier;Alon Cohen;Avinatan Hassidim;Yishay Mansour;Ofer Meshi;Martin Mladenov;Dale Schuurmans;
LTL Realizability Via Safety And Reachability Games
Alberto Camacho;Christian Muise;Jorge A. Baier;Sheila A. McIlraith;
Expectation Optimization With Probabilistic Guarantees In POMDPs With Discounted-Sum Objectives
Krishnendu Chatterjee;Adrián Elgyütt;Petr Novotný;Owen Rouillé;
Computational Approaches For Stochastic Shortest Path On Succinct MDPs
Krishnendu Chatterjee;Hongfei Fu;Amir Goharshady;Nastaran Okati;
Local Minima, Heavy Tails, And Search Effort For GBFS
Eldan Cohen;J. Christopher Beck;
Analyzing Tie-Breaking Strategies For The A* Algorithm
Augusto B. Corrêa;André G. Pereira;Marcus Ritt;
Emergency Response Optimization Using Online Hybrid Planning
Durga Harish Dayapule;Aswin Raghavan;Prasad Tadepalli;Alan Fern;
Automata-Theoretic Foundations Of FOND Planning For LTLf And LDLf Goals
Giuseppe De Giacomo;Sasha Rubin;
Complexity Of Scheduling Charging In The Smart Grid
Mathijs de Weerdt;Michael Albert;Vincent Conitzer;Koos van der Linden;
Traffic Light Scheduling, Value Of Time, And Incentives
Argyrios Deligkas;Erez Karpas;Ron Lavi;Rann Smorodinsky;
Unchaining The Power Of Partial Delete Relaxation, Part II: Finding Plans With Red-Black State Space Search
Maximilian Fickert;Daniel Gnad;Joerg Hoffmann;
Model Checking Probabilistic Epistemic Logic For Probabilistic Multiagent Systems
Chen Fu;Andrea Turrini;Xiaowei Huang;Lei Song;Yuan Feng;Lijun Zhang;
Goal-HSVI: Heuristic Search Value Iteration For Goal POMDPs
Karel Horák;Branislav Bošanský;Krishnendu Chatterjee;
Learning To Infer Final Plans In Human Team Planning
Joseph Kim;Matthew E. Woicik;Matthew C. Gombolay;Sung-Hyun Son;Julie A. Shah;
Small Undecidable Problems In Epistemic Planning
Sébastien Lê Cong;Sophie Pinchinat;François Schwarzentruber;
Effect-Abstraction Based Relaxation For Linear Numeric Planning
Dongxu Li;Enrico Scala;Patrik Haslum;Sergiy Bogomolov;
Organizing Experience: A Deeper Look At Replay Mechanisms For Sample-Based Planning In Continuous State Domains
Yangchen Pan;Muhammad Zaheer;Adam White;Andrew Patterson;Martha White;
Scalable Initial State Interdiction For Factored MDPs
Swetasudha Panda;Yevgeniy Vorobeychik;
Counterplanning Using Goal Recognition And Landmarks
Alberto Pozanco;Yolanda E-Martín;Susana Fernández;Daniel Borrajo;
Planning In Factored State And Action Spaces With Learned Binarized Neural Network Transition Models
Buser Say;Scott Sanner;
Dynamic Resource Routing Using Real-Time Dynamic Programming
Sebastian Schmoll;Matthias Schubert;
Hierarchical Expertise Level Modeling For User Specific Contrastive Explanations
Sarath Sreedharan;Siddharth Srivastava;Subbarao Kambhampati;
LP Heuristics Over Conjunctions: Compilation, Convergence, Nogood Learning
Marcel Steinmetz;Joerg Hoffmann;
Completeness-Preserving Dominance Techniques For Satisficing Planning
Álvaro Torralba;
Admissible Abstractions For Near-optimal Task And Motion Planning
William Vega-Brown;Nicholas Roy;
PEORL: Integrating Symbolic Planning And Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning For Robust Decision-Making
Fangkai Yang;Daoming Lyu;Bo Liu;Steven Gustafson;
Minimax-Regret Querying On Side Effects For Safe Optimality In Factored Markov Decision Processes
Shun Zhang;Edmund H. Durfee;Satinder Singh;


   Paper Name    Author
GraspNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network For Real-time Grasp Detection For Low-powered Devices
Umar Asif;Jianbin Tang;Stefan Harrer;
Learning Transferable UAV For Forest Visual Perception
Lyujie Chen;Wufan Wang;Jihong Zhu;
Bayesian Active Edge Evaluation On Expensive Graphs
Sanjiban Choudhury;Siddhartha Srinivasa;Sebastian Scherer;
Implicit Non-linear Similarity Scoring For Recognizing Unseen Classes
Yuchen Guo;Guiguang Ding;Jungong Han;Sicheng Zhao;Bin Wang;
Interactive Robot Transition Repair With SMT
Jarrett Holtz;Arjun Guha;Joydeep Biswas;
Virtual-to-Real: Learning To Control In Visual Semantic Segmentation
Zhang-Wei Hong;Yu-Ming Chen;Hsuan-Kung Yang;Shih-Yang Su;Tzu-Yun Shann;Yi-Hsiang Chang;Brian Hsi-Lin Ho;Chih-Chieh Tu;Tsu-Ching Hsiao;Hsin-Wei Hsiao;Sih-Pin Lai;Yueh-Chuan Chang;Chun-Yi Lee;
Online, Interactive User Guidance For High-dimensional, Constrained Motion Planning
Fahad Islam;Oren Salzman;Maxim Likhachev;
An Appearance-and-Structure Fusion Network For Object Viewpoint Estimation
Yueying Kao;Weiming Li;Zairan Wang;Dongqing Zou;Ran He;Qiang Wang;Minsu Ahn;Sunghoon Hong;
Learning Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control For Autonomous Target Following
Siyi Li;Tianbo Liu;Chi Zhang;Dit-Yan Yeung;Shaojie Shen;
Robot Task Interruption By Learning To Switch Among Multiple Models
Anahita Mohseni-Kabir;Manuela Veloso;
Behavioral Cloning From Observation
Faraz Torabi;Garrett Warnell;Peter Stone;
3D-PhysNet: Learning The Intuitive Physics Of Non-Rigid Object Deformations
Zhihua Wang;Stefano Rosa;Bo Yang;Sen Wang;Niki Trigoni;Andrew Markham;
Active Object Reconstruction Using A Guided View Planner
Xin Yang;Yuanbo Wang;Yaru Wang;Baocai Yin;Qiang Zhang;Xiaopeng Wei;Hongbo Fu;
Active Recurrence Of Lighting Condition For Fine-Grained Change Detection
Qian Zhang;Wei Feng;Liang Wan;Fei-Peng Tian;Ping Tan;

Uncertainty in AI

   Paper Name    Author
Parameterised Queries And Lifted Query Answering
Tanya Braun;Ralf Möller;
Efficient Localized Inference For Large Graphical Models
Jinglin Chen;Jian Peng;Qiang Liu;
The Promise And Perils Of Myopia In Dynamic Pricing With Censored Information
Meenal Chhabra;Sanmay Das;Ilya Ryzhov;
On Robust Trimming Of Bayesian Network Classifiers
YooJung Choi;Guy Van den Broeck;
Metadata-dependent Infinite Poisson Factorization For Efficiently Modelling Sparse And Large Matrices In Recommendation
Trong Dinh Thac Do;Longbing Cao;
Redundancy-resistant Generative Hashing For Image Retrieval
Changying Du;Xingyu Xie;Changde Du;Hao Wang;
A Graphical Criterion For Effect Identification In Equivalence Classes Of Causal Diagrams
Amin Jaber;Jiji Zhang;Elias Bareinboim;
Efficient Symbolic Integration For Probabilistic Inference
Samuel Kolb;Martin Mladenov;Scott Sanner;Vaishak Belle;Kristian Kersting;
Policy Optimization With Second-Order Advantage Information
Jiajin Li;Baoxiang Wang;Shengyu Zhang;
Building Sparse Deep Feedforward Networks Using Tree Receptive Fields
Xiaopeng Li;Zhourong Chen;Nevin L. Zhang;
Patent Litigation Prediction: A Convolutional Tensor Factorization Approach
Qi Liu;Han Wu;Yuyang Ye;Hongke Zhao;Chuanren Liu;Dongfang Du;
Unsupervised Learning Based Jump-Diffusion Process For Object Tracking In Video Surveillance
Xiaobai Liu;Donovan Lo;Chau Thuan;
Lifted Filtering Via Exchangeable Decomposition
Stefan Lüdtke;Max Schröder;Sebastian Bader;Kristian Kersting;Thomas Kirste;
Stochastic Anytime Search For Bounding Marginal MAP
Radu Marinescu;Rina Dechter;Alexander Ihler;
Estimation With Incomplete Data: The Linear Case
Karthika Mohan;Felix Thoemmes;Judea Pearl;
Reliable Multi-class Classification Based On Pairwise Epistemic And Aleatoric Uncertainty
Vu-Linh Nguyen;Sébastien Destercke;Marie-Hélène Masson;Eyke Hüllermeier;
Algorithms For The Nearest Assignment Problem
Sara Rouhani;Tahrima Rahman;Vibhav Gogate;
A Symbolic Approach To Explaining Bayesian Network Classifiers
Andy Shih;Arthur Choi;Adnan Darwiche;
Scalable Probabilistic Causal Structure Discovery
Dhanya Sridhar;Jay Pujara;Lise Getoor;
A Scalable Scheme For Counting Linear Extensions
Topi Talvitie;Kustaa Kangas;Teppo Niinimäki;Mikko Koivisto;
Mixed Causal Structure Discovery With Application To Prescriptive Pricing
Wei Wenjuan;Feng Lu;Liu Chunchen;
A Savage-style Utility Theory For Belief Functions
Chunlai Zhou;Biao Qin;Xiaoyong Du;